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Stony Brook University
MAT 125 -- Calculus A -- Fall 2013

(Limits and Derivatives)

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Room Assignments for Final Exam (Wednesday 12/11, 11:15AM-1:45PM)
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No Calculators allowed on test. Cellphones must be off.
1 2 Frey 102
3 Light Engineering 102
4 6 Frey 102
8 Old Engineering 143
9 Old Engineering 145
10 12 13 Frey 104
14 15 16Harriman 137
17Old Engineering 145
20 21 Frey 100
22 Light Engineering 102
24 Frey 100
25 Old Engineering 145
27 Old Engineering 143
28 Humanities 1003
29 Old Engineering 143
30 Simons 102
33 Humanities 1003
34 35 Simons 102
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