MAT 131: Calculus I, Fall 1998
Locations of Final Exam

The final exam will be held on Thursday, December 17 from 7:00-10pm. Where you take the exam depends on which section you are enrolled for.

Note that you will almost certainly take your final in a different room from where you took your last exam!

SectionInstructorsExam Location
1 Barcus/Perez Physics P113
2 Barcus/Perez Physics P118
3/4 Sutherland/Kim Humanities 101
5 Mandell/Herrera-GuzmanSB Union 236
6 Mandell/Herrera-GuzmanSB Union 237
7/8 Bernhard Earth+Space 001
9 Bishop/Panafidin Light Engineering 152
10 Bishop/Panafidin Heavy Engineering 201
11/12 Barcus/Weinberg SB Union Auditorium
13 Schalm/Cheng SB Union Auditorium
14 Schalm/McKenzie SB Union Auditorium
15 Schalm/Cheng SB Union Auditorium
16 Schalm/Moraru SB Union Auditorium
17/18 Bernhard/Teo Earth+Space 001

Be sure to bring your Stony Brook ID card with you to the exam.

You may also bring one sheet of handwritten notes into the final. However, these notes MUST be handwritten, and not typwritten or xeroxed. The page should be no larger than standard letter paper.