Schedule for MAT125, Spring 2016

Week Topics Homework Relevant Videos
1/26 Administrivia
What is calculus and why do you care?
1.1-1.6, Appendix A, B, C Review of precalculus:
functions, polynomials, rational functions, absolute value, trigonometry, exponentials, inverse functions, logarithms.
HW1 on WebAssign, Due Wed. 2/4 at 9am.
Paper homework 1 deferred to next week because of the storm.
2/2 2.1 The tangent and velocity problems
2.2 The limit of a function
2.3 Calculating Limits
HW2 on WebAssign, Due Wed. 2/11 at 9am.
Paper homework 1 due in recitation during the week of 2/9
2/9 2.5 Limits involving infinity
2.4 Continuity
HW3 on WebAssign, Due Wed. 2/18 at 9am.
Paper homework 2 due in recitation during the week of 2/16
2/16 2.6 Derivatives and rates of change.
2.7 The derivative as a function
2.8 What does f' say about f?
HW4 on WebAssign, Due Wed. 2/25 at 9am.
Paper homework 3 due in recitation during the week of 2/23. Even if your recitation is after the midterm, you should do the paper homework before the midterm
2/23 3.1 Derivatives of polynomials (the power rule)
midterm 1 Thursday, 2/26 8:45pm covers chapter 2
here is more information about the exam
HW5 on WebAssign, Due Wed. 3/4 at 9am.
No paper homework this week.
3/2 3.1 Derivatives of exponentials
3.2 The product and quotient rules
3.3 Derivatives of trigonometric functions
Friday, March 6 follows a Monday schedule
HW6 on WebAssign, Due Wed. 3/11 at 9am.
No paper homework this week, either.
  • Watch the exponentials video before the first lecture this week.
  • While I meant to make a video about the derivative of the sine and cosine, I didn't have time. So, here is one by Gilbert Strang, from MIT, which covers pretty much what I was going to say (and a bit more).
  • The "hard part" in the previous video is the limit of sin(x)/x as x goes to zero. Here's another (shorter) video about that.
3/9 3.4 The chain rule
3.5 Implicit differentiation
HW7 on WebAssign, Due Wed. 3/25 at 9am.
Paper homework 4 due in recitation during the week of 3/23.
Note that these are due after Spring Break
3/16 Spring Break
3/23 3.6 Inverse trigonometric functions and their derivatives
3.7 Derivatives of logarithmic functions
Friday, March 27 follows a Monday schedule
HW8 on WebAssign, Due Tues. 3/31 at 9am. Note the early due date!
No paper homework this week.
3/30 Review
midterm 2 Tuesday, 3/31 8:45pm covers chapter 3.1-3.7
(more information about the exam here)
3.9 Linear approximations and differentials
HW9 on WebAssign, Due Wed. 4/8 at 9am.
No paper homework this week.
4/6 4.1 Related rates
4.2 Maximum and Minimum values
HW10 on WebAssign, Due Wed. 4/15 at 9am.
Paper homework RR due in recitation during the week of 4/20
4/13 4.3,4.4 Curve sketching
4.6 Optimization problems
HW11 on WebAssign, Due Fri. 4/24 at 9am. note changed date!
Paper homework MM due in recitation during the week of 4/27
4/20 4.6 Optimization problems (continued)
4.5 L'Hospital's rule
No webassign this week
4/27 Part I of final during recitation in Frey 109. More information is here.
4.7 Newton's method
4.8 Antiderivatives
HW12 on WebAssign, Due Wed. 5/6 at 9am.
No paper homework this week.
5/4 Review
5/11 Final Cumulative
Wednesday, May 13, 8:00-10:45am
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