MAT 125 Teaching Staff

Lauren Pross Lec 1 (MW 5:20pm) LaurenProssMath at Math 4-101A Mon 11-12 and W 4-5pm in 4-101A
Fri 11-12 in MLC
Pavel Bachurin Lec 2 (TuTh 9:50am) bachurin at Math 5D-148
Tue 3:30pm-5pm in 5D-148
Wed 7:30pm-9pm in MLC
Scott Sutherland Lec 3 (MWF 9:35am),
Course Coordinator
scott at Math 5-112
W 2-4pm in 5-112
M 2-3pm in MLC
Dror Varolin Lec 4 (TuTh 5:20pm) dror at Math 4-111
Tu/Th 2:30-4pm in 4-111
Paul Cernea Lec 91 (MW 6:50pm) cernea at Math 5-125A TBA in 5-125A
Mon and Wed 2-3pm in MLC
Frederico Girao R25(Tu9:50), R31(Th9:50) girao at Math 2-115 Fri 11-12 in 2-115
Mon and Wed 11-12 in MLC
Christopher Green R10(W10:40), R14(W11:45) green at Math S-240C Mon 4-5pm in S-240C
Wed 3:30-5:30 in MLC
Weixin Guo R16(Th12:50), R20(M2:20) gum at Math 2-107 TBA in 2-107
Mon 3-4 and Tue 12-1 in MLC
Jonathan Hales R13(F12:50), R34(F11:45) jhales at Math S-240C Mon 9-10am in S-240C
Thu 7-8pm and Fri 10-11am in MLC
Carlos Martinez R26(W2:20), R35(Th3:50) carlos at Math 6-114 Mon 4-5 in 6-114
Tue 10-noon in MLC
Claudio Meneses R01(Th9:50), R03(W10:40) claudio at Math 2-115 Tue 5-6pm in 2-115
Wed 5-7pm in MLC
Ritwik Mukherjee R12(M12:50), R15(M2:20) ritwik at Math 2-117 TBA in 2-117
Mon 4-6pm in MLC
Stanislav Ostrovsky R05(Tu5:20), R06(Th5:20) stas at Math 3-122 TBA in 3-122
Tue and Thur 12-1 in MLC
Alexandra Popa R11(Th8:20), R17(Tu11:20) alexandra at Math 3-105 Tue 7-9pm in MLC
Thu 6:30-7:30pm in 3-105.
Ann Posiak R07(W6:50) annposiak at MLC (Math S-240A) Mon 7-8pm in MLC
Sun 10am-12pm in Math P-131
Chaya Rosen R22(Th2:20), R23(Tu2:20) rosen at Math 5-125A Wed 10-11 in 5-125A
Mon 10-12 in MLC
Nathaniel Rounds R04(M11:45), R08(M10:40) nrounds at Math 2-119 Mon 1-2pm in 2-119
Mon 4-6pm in MLC
Jessica Sherman R24(M11:45) math.nerd123 at MLC (Math S-240A) Mon 12:50-2:10pm and Wed 10:30-12:15pm in MLC
Jaimie Thind R02(Tu11:20), R33(Tu2:20) jthind at Math 2-122 Mon 11:30-12:30 in 2-122
Tue 1-2 and 3:10-4:10 in MLC
Deb Wertz R32(W3:50), R21(W11:45) dwertz at MLC (Math S-240A) Tue 12:30-2:30 in MLC (Math S-240A)
Tue 8:15-9:15pm in Humanities Lobby
Matthew Wroten R30(M5:20), R36(Tu6:50) mwroten at Math S-240C Tue 8-9pm in S-240C
Mon and Wed 8-9pm in MLC

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