The Math 125 Treasure Hunt

For this homework assignment, you are to go hunting for several offices and locations relevant to MAT 125. In particular, you need to find the offices of the lecturer for your lecture, the TA who teaches your recitation section, the course coordinator, and the Math Learning Center. All of these are somewhere in the math tower. You might find helpful information on the MAT125 teaching staff page. If you are having trouble finding the math tower, it is near the lower left corner of C4 on this campus map.

Outside each location, you should find a colored page that looks something like this:

Shirley Eugeste
MAT 125 TA
Shirley's word is

In order to get credit for this assignment (10 points, not exactly a pile of gold dubloons, but worth almost as much as HW1), you need to gather the four words corresponding to your TA, your lecturer, the course coordinator, and the MLC. Note that for those people in ELC 3, your lecturer and your TA are the same person, since you have a combined class. Consequently, he has two words outside the same office. Similarly, if your lecturer is the course coordinator, he also has two words, but he also has two offices, so you get to find them both.

After you gather the four words, fill out the form below to record them. Try to spell properly.

The treasure hunt must be completed before Wednesday, September 15.

Sorry. It is past the due date to submit the answers to the treasure hunt.

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