Videos for MAT123, Winter session

Class Class Videos Other Videos Apps
1/3 Functions: domain, range, vertical line test.
Functions: even/odd symmetry, piecewise functions, difference quotient. Short: function notation
Short: domain and range
Lecture: Functions, domain and range.

1/4 More on lines, other graphs, graph transformations Short: The Slope of a Line
Lecture: Piecewise functions, graph transformations.
Combining functions (arithmetically and composition), inverse functions Short: Composition of Functions
Short: Inverse functions
Lecture: more graph transforms, inverse functions.

1/5 Recitation #2 (functions) Short: Definition of Sine and Cosine (in Right Triangles)
more on inverses. Degree and Radian measure Short: The SOH CAH TOA mnemonic App: SohCahToa
The unit circle, definition of trigonometric functions Lecture: Introduction to Trigonometry.
Short: Trig values for special angles
Lecture: Right-triangle Trigometry. App: Values on the unit circle
Short: The unit circle and trigonometry App: Trigonometric functions on the unit circle
Short: Radian measure App: Radian measure
Lecture: Radian measure and trig on the unit circle.

1/6 More trigonometry (including basic identities, periodicity, etc) Lecture: Simple trig identities.
Reference angles, exact values of trig functions at special angles Short: Graphs of sine and cosine App: Trigometric functions and their graphs
graphs of trig functions, transformations of trig graphs Lecture: Other trig functions & graphs of sine and cosine. App: Transformations of trig graphs
App: 40 trig graph transformation problems

1/10 Recitation #3 (mostly trig)
Graphing trig functions App: quadratic graphs
Quadratic functions, graphing, completing the square Lecture: Lines, circles, and parabolas. App: completing the square
App: Conic sections: circles, ellipses, and parabolas

1/11 Polynomials, zeroes, and graphs
Intermediate Value Theorem, polynomial division Lecture: Exponents, ellipses, and polynomial division.
Exponential Functions Lecture: Exponentials and logarithms.

1/12 Midterm -- no videos today

1/13 Logarithms Short: What is a logarithm?
More Logarithms Short: Rules for manipulating logarithms
(discussion of grading) solving equations Lecture: Graphs and solving equations.
Lecture: more equation solving; review.

1/17 (went over midterm) Recitation Lecture: Compound interest, e, and the natural logarithm. App: Exponential growth
Compound Interest, Exponential Growth Short: Exponential growth and decay App: Exponential decay
Exponential Decay, Trig Identities Lecture: Exponential growth/decay problems and logs.

1/18 Sum and Difference formula for trig, solving trig equations Lecture: Angle sum, double angle, and half-angle formulae
Rational functions Short: Rational functions
Lecture: Rational functions.

1/19 Review for final
Review for final, continued
Review for final, conclusion

1/20 Final Exam

Lecture: Trigonometry review, Law of Sines. App: Law of Sines
Lecture: Law of sines, Law of cosines, and inverse trig functions. App: Law of Cosines
Lecture: Inverse trig functions.
Lecture: More trig&inverse trig; basic graphs.
Lecture: A garden of graphs.
Lecture: Review for midterm
Lecture: More review.
Lecture: more review
Lecture: Review (logs & exponentials)
Lecture: Review for midterm 2.
Review Session Final Review

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