132. Textbook

Single Variable Calculus (Stony Brook Edition 4), by James Stewart.
This is the same book as Stewart's Single Variable Calculus: Concepts and Contexts, 4th ed, but with a different cover.

Some info about various pricing options as I understand them. Check for yourself - I may be wrong. Note: I don't know of a reason that a MAT 132 student, who is planning on passing the class, would want a multisemester WebAssign. Given that, options (AAA) or (BBB) below seem the most economical. If you go for (BBB), i would strongly suggest that you buy some used older edition just so that you have a referance book in the future.

There are plenty of other options out there. You can even buy individual (electronic) chapters here (no WebAssign).
Shop around. Prices vary. Some books with WebAssign, and some require you to buy it seperately!
When deciding what to get, keep in mind that you are likely to use this as a referance book in the future.
Other editions of the book may have similar text, however the exercises are sometimes a little different and are numbered differently.

We will be using WebAssign for most of the homework.