Samuel Grushevsky 2021-2022 travel

Nov 16-24, 2021Stockholm, Sweden Moduli spaces and logarithmic geometry at Mittag-Leffler
Feb 19-Jun 10, 2022Rehovot, IsraelVisiting Weizmann Institute
Mar 14-18, 2022Leipzig, GermanyCANCELLED Leipzig lectures on theta at MPIS
Apr 4, 2022Jerusalem, IsraelNumber Theory and Algebraic Geometry seminar at Hebrew University
Aug 22-26, 2022Stony Brook, NYStability and Moduli (higher-dimensional algebraic geometry conference series)
Aug 22-Sep 23, 2022Stony Brook, NY Integrability, Enumerative Geometry and Quantization at Simons Center
Sep 7-9, 2022Hannover, Germany Conference for Klaus Hulek's 70th birthday
Sep 19-23, 2022Luminy, France Combinatorics, Dynamics and Geometry on Moduli Spaces
Oct 7-9, 2022New York, NYAlgebraic Geometry, Mathematical Physics, and Solitons - celebrating the work of Igor Krichever, at Columbia University
Oct 13-14, 2022New York, NYSimons Foundation MPS annual meeting
Oct 17-21, 2022Lake Como, ItalyFiniteness results for special subvarieties: Hodge theory, o-minimality, dynamics
Nov 18-20, 2022Amherst, MAAGNES at UMass
???Morelia, Mexico POSTPONED 8th Iberoamerican Congress on Geometry


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