Remus Radu

Institute for Mathematical Science
Stony Brook University

office: Math Tower 4-103
phone: (631) 632-8266

About me

I am a Milnor Lecturer at the Institute for Mathematical Sciences at Stony Brook University. I got my Ph.D. in Mathematics from Cornell University in 2013, under the supervision of John H. Hubbard.

I started my undergraduate studies at the University of Bucharest and after one year I transfered to Jacobs University Bremen, where I earned my B.S. degree in Mathematics in 2007. I got a M.S. in Computer Science from Cornell University in 2012.

Research Interests

Dynamical Systems in one or several complex variables, Analysis and PDEs.


I had the opportunity to teach a variety of courses at Cornell University and Stony Brook University. This spring I am teaching MAT 341: Applied Real Analysis, an introductory course in PDEs.

Other activities

I am organizing the Dynamics Seminar at Stony Brook University. Click here for a list of upcoming talks.
I have also developed projects for MEC (Math Explorer's Club): Mathematics of Web Search and Billiards & Puzzles.

Last updated December 2016