Olivier Martin

Olivier Martin

Office: Math Tower 4-116, Office hours
Email: olivier.martin(at)stonybrook.edu

I have been a Simons Instructor (postdoc) at Stony Brook University since Fall 2020 and am currently on the job market. I obtained my PhD in mathematics from the University of Chicago under the supervision of Alexander Beilinson and Madhav Nori. I study algebraic cycles, measures of irrationality, and K-trivial varieties.

Together with Christian Schnell, I organize the Algebraic Geometry Seminar at Stony Brook. With Fabian Lehmann, I organize the Math Postdoc Seminar held jointly by the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics and the math department.


My preprints/articles on arXiv, Google scholar, MathSciNet.


I currently teach MAT 312: Applied Algebra MWF 10:30-11:25 in Earth & Space 131 and MWF 11:45-12:40 in Lgt Engr Lab 102.

Undergraduate students

Edward Varvak: He studied bitangent lines to nodal curves to extend the results of Caporaso and Sernesi to nodal quintics and sextics. He is now a graduate student at UIC.