Reading for students: patchworking

An elementary paper concerning a technique for constructing real algebraic varieties by gluing pieces together and counter-examples to the oldest conjecture about topology of real algebraic curves (published in the Intelligencer).

Patchworking Algebraic Curves Disproves the Ragsdale Conjecture (joint with Ilia Itenberg).

More systematically about the same technique:

Patchworking Real Algebraic Varieties , download: ../figs/pdficon.png

A new point of view on the patchworking relating it to the Maslov dequantiztion of the semiring of positive real numbers. Here it is shown how to degenerate real algebraic geometry to the piecewise linear geometry, and that the patchworking is the opposite deformation, that is a quantization of a piecewise linear variety. This is a talk at the Third European Congress of Mathematicians (Barcelona, 2000).

Dequantization of Real Algebraic Geometry on a Logarithmic Paper