Schedule for MAT598/475, Fall 2023

Day # Topic Readings and assignments Cases
8/28 1 Intro to teaching. Who are we. Decisions, responsibilities.
9/11 2 FERPA, Title IX, Creating a welcoming classroom Read Reznick's; Chalking it up Intro, Sections 1 and 2 (Find at least three things you agree with and three you disagree with).
9/18 3 Read Reznick's Chalking it up Sections 3 and 4. List three ideas you can apply in your teaching, and how you can apply them. If you cannot find ideas, explain why.

If you are teaching please answer the last two questions (just added by me) of the Homework 0.
Case 13: Ze
Problem: Jason
9/25 4 Stimulating participation -Active learning Write here a paragraph (or two or three or...) about your takeaways from our last discussion. Feel free to talk about statements you agree or disagree with and/or concrete ways to deal with the situations we discussed. I think the three main points we touched on were
  • How to deal with mistakes (ours and the students') in the classroom,
  • How to teach a class of students with different levels,
  • How to deal with disruptions in class
You can work in a group. If so, please include the names of the team in your answer.
Case 7: Sohini
Problem: Brennan, Frank
10/2 5 Conflict situations Similar to what we did last week (and will do in the coming weeks), write a few paragraphs about your own takeaways from the September 25th discussion. Case 1: Nick
Problem: Yihen, Liam
10/16 6 Presenting Mathematics - Preparing a lesson Write down the takeaways of Oct 2nd discussion here. Case 3: Shivan
Problem: Ze, Yutong
10/23 7 Evaluation and assessment. Grading in the US. Confessions of a Converted Lecturer by Eric Mazur Case 4: Amad
Problem: Sohini
10/30 8 Case 14: Dingchang
Case 11. TAB
Problem: Nick
11/6 9 Proctoring Growth and fixed mindsetAbout Growth Mindset Case 12: Borui
Problem: Shivan
11/13 10 Distraction, Expectations and attitudes Case 5: Aritra
Problem: Amad
11/20 11 Classroom management Case 10: Joey
Problem: Dingchang
11/27 12 Technology -How people learn What the Best College Teachers Do (Ken Bains) - Summary Case 2: Frank
Problem: Borui
12/4 13 Cheating Case 8: Liam
Problem: Aritra
12/11 14 Struggling students Case 9: Yihen
Problem: Joey