Schedule for MAT 336 - Spring 2024 - Lecture 1

Date # Topics Quizzes and Assignments Due Dates Presentations
Tu 1/23 1 Beginnings of mathematics, info about the course
Th 1/25 2 Beginnings of mathematics, info about the course HW0 Due
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Reading: On the origin of numbers
Tu 1/30 3 Beginnings of mathematics / Number systems Reading: Number systems The topics you were assigned are here. I'll post the dates soon, in this schedule.
Th 2/1 4 Number systems HW1 due (Sources, beginnings)
Tu 2/6 5 Mathematics in Ancient Egypt Reading : These notes from the beginning until Question 2 in Section 1.1.2. (Of course you are welcome to read them all...)
Th 2/8 6 Mathematics in Ancient Egypt HW2 due (Number systems)
Tu 2/13 7 Mathematics in Ancient Egypt /Mesopotamia During class, in Wooclap, I will ask you for a brief summary of your topic.
Reading: This text from the beginning to Section 1.5 Plimpton 322 (as usual, you are encouraged to read it all.)
Th 2/15 8 Mathematics in Ancient Mesopotamia Quiz 1 (Number systems)
Tu 2/20 9 Mathematics in Ancient Mesopotamia This text about Mayan mathematics.
Th 2/22 10 Inca and Mayan Mathematics HW3 due (Egypt and Mesopotamia)
Tu 2/27 11 The earliest Hellenic mathematics Annotated bibliography due (see here.)
Reading: The first two pages of this paper.
History of the Normal Distribution- Cheng-Martin
History of the number e - Anik
Th 2/29 12 The earliest Hellenic mathematics Quiz 2 about Mathematics in Egypt
Tu 3/5 13 The earliest Hellenic mathematics Abstract and outline of the paper due The Discovery of Ceres: How Gauss Became Famous- Thomas-Tommy
How Kepler Discovered the Elliptical Orbit- Kristina
Th 3/7 14 Hellenic mathematics: Euclid's Elements - Number theory Reading: This article about the diagrams on Euclid's Elements.
Quiz 3 (Mathematics in Mesopotamia)
Gauss and the Regular Polygon of Seventeen Sides- William
Thales and the Height of the great pyramid of Giza.- Noah
Tu 3/12 Spring Break!
Th 3/14 Spring Break!
Tu 3/19 15 Hellenic mathematics: Euclid's Elements - Axiom Systems Saccheri on non-Euclidean geometry- Shengshi
The origin of polar coordinates- Justin
Th 3/21 16 Hellenic mathematics: Euclid's Elements - Axiom Systems - Non-Euclidean geometries Baby Draft of paper (500 words) History of Hyperbolic Geometry- Max
Euler and the bridges of Konigsberg- Antonio
Tu 3/26 17 Hellenic mathematics: Archimedes Euler and the proof of the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra- Jonathan
Th 3/28 18 Hellenic mathematics: Apollonius, Erathostenes, Ptolemy, Diophantus HW4 due (Euclid's Elements) Diophantus and the birth of literal algebra- Vincent
Fermat Last Theorem- Ruofan
Tu 4/2 19 Ancient and Medieval Chinese Mathematics Right-Angled Triangles in Ancient China- Xinyi
The Beginnings of Probability and the Problem of Points - He
Th 4/4 20 Ancient and Medieval Chinese Mathematics Quiz 4 (Euclid's Elements)
Draft of paper (1000 words)
Japanese Temple Geometry- Julio
Gauss-Jordan Reduction: A Brief History- Yuanjie-Kevin
Tu 4/9 21 Ancient and Medieval Indian Mathematics Aryabhata and Ancient Indian methods for computing square root- Sophia
Ramanujan's Notebooks- Zhongyao
Th 4/11 22 Mathematics in the Islamic World - Indian Mathematics Paper due Omar Khayyam, mathematician- Zhenwei
Ideas of Calculus in India - Nathaniel
Tu 4/16 23 Mathematics in the Islamic World The Remarkable Ibn al-Haytham- Amira
Th 4/18 24 Mathematics in the Renaissance HW5 due Viète, Descartes and the Cubic Equation- Madison
The Lengths of Curves - Ruoqi
Tu 4/23 25 Mathematics in the Renaissance Tangency and Optimization without Limits- Javin
The Bernoullis and the Harmonic Series- SukMin
Th 4/25 26 Calculus HW6 due Review Newton and the binomial theorem, - Kyle
Cauchy and the Origins of Rigorous Calculus- Kayla
Tu 4/30 27 Selected topics Quiz 5: Review Hamilton on the Discovery of Quaternions- Ruijun
Cantor and The Non-Denumerabilty of the Continuum - Ryan
Th 5/2 28 Review