MAT 303 (Calculus IV with Applications) Spring 2009

Stony Brook

Computing Project (pp. 86-88), parts A and B only.

For the Computing Project from section 2.1 on the pages 91 of the textbook: I want you to complete parts A and B. Use the data points in Figure 2.1.7(instead of 2.1.9) for part A and the 1900-1990 data points in Figure 2.1.4 for part B. To find the best-fit line, you may either use a numerical method (e.g. least-squares) or draw an accurate graph on graph paper and estimate the slope and y-intercept. After finding a logistic model in each case, I want you to compare the prediction which your model would make for the 2008 U.S. population with the actual value, which you can get from the U.S. Census Bureau's website. (Use the July 1, 2008 population estimate.)