A (superior work)



B (good work)



C (satisfactory work)



D (minimum passing work)

F (failing work)

For the other grades I, NC, NR, P, Q, R, S, U, W, see the undergraduate bulletin.

Some remarks

GRADES ARE NOT SUBJECT TO CHANGE unless we made a clerical mistake in adding up the numerical grades and/or in converting them into a letter grade. In this case contact your instructor as soon as possible.

Students are responsible for keeping track of their grades in the tests, homeworks and quizzes (if applicable). Students should pick up their graded work either in class or during recitation.

If you have questions concerning your grade send a dated, typed and signed letter, NOT AN E-MAIL!, to your instructor, c/o Dept. Math, SUNY Stony Brook, Stony Brook N.Y. 11794-3651. Specify COURSE N., RECITATION N., RECITATION LEADER NAME. If appropriate, you will receive a written reply. These matters will be dealt with in writing only.

Sometimes a grade like C or more is needed for you to enroll in another class or to apply for or to hold a fellowship etc. If you scored lower than that, for example C-, please keep in mind that we cannot improve your grade to meet prerequisites for other classes or criteria for fellowships etc. That would be inappropriate.

If your letter grade is higher than expected, it is because we decided that you were a borderline case deserving a higher grade.