MAT 126: Calculus B

Spring 2002

SUNY at Stony Brook
Department of Mathematics
SUNY at Stony Brook

This course is the second semester of the three-semester calculus sequence MAT 125, 126 and 127. We will study integration. We will often use the theory of differentiation, which was covered in MAT 125, and also trigonometry.

Calculus: Concepts and Contexts. Single Variable,
Second Edition,
by James Stewart, Brooks/Cole Publishing, 2001.

 Course Coordinator: Prof. Leon  Takhtajan, Math Tower 5-111
Phone: 632-8287 email:
Office hours: M 3:00-4:00 pm, P-143 and TuTh 2:00-3:00 pm, 5-111.

Class schedule

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Homework assignments


  • Midterm I average:  54.5 points (total 100 points)
  • Midterm II average: 57.5 points (total 100 points)
    1. Sections 1-4:  ESS 001
    2. Sections 5,9:  JAVITS 102
    3. Sections 6-8:  HARRIMAN 137

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