MAT 126 Calculus B
Note: Exam: 8:30PM Mon 2/19/07 and Tues 3/20. Not for CR in addition to MAT132 or 142 or AMS161. REC: R01-R05 register in LEC 01.
LEC 141229MWF 9:35am-10:30amOld Chem116Zograf, Peter
R0141232F12:50pm- 1:45pmLibraryN3063Cheraghi, Davoud
R0241233Tu11:20am-12:15pmS B Union231Lehrer, Raquel
R0341234 Tu11:20am-12:15pmLibraryN4006Disconzi, Marcelo
R04 41235Th 9:50am-10:45am Lgt Engr Lab154Shu, Yu-Jen
R05 49896M 12:50pm- 1:45pm PhysicsP125 Poole, Thomas
R31 56835M 2:20pm- 3:15pm PhysicsP112 Cernea, Paul
R3356837Tu12:50pm- 1:45pmPhysicsP117Poole, Thomas
LEC 241230TuTh 2:20pm- 3:40pmOld Chem116Takhtajan, Leon
R0641236M 9:35am-10:30amEarth&Space181Di Cerbo, Luca
R0741237W 2:20pm- 3:15pmPhysicsP117Kulaxizi, Manuela
R0841238Tu 3:50pm- 4:45pmPhysicsP117Cheraghi, Davoud
R0941239Th 9:50am-10:45amEarth&Space181Hao, Ning
R10 49897 Tu11:20am-12:15pm Earth&Space79Cheraghi, Davoud
R11 50444F12:50pm- 1:25pm PhysicsP123 Graziano, Vincent
R1250445W11:45am-12:40pmPhysicsP124Kulaxizi, Manuela
LEC 341231MWF 9:35am-10:30amLgt Engr Lab102Bulawa, Andrew
R1350446Th 2:20pm- 3:15pmPhysicsP117Cernea, Paul
R1450477M11:45am-12:40pmEarth&Space183Disconzi, Marcelo
R1550483W 8:30am- 9:25amLibraryN3063Kulaxizi, Manuela
R1656839Tu 9:50am-10:45amPhysicsP117Shu, Yu-Jen
ELC 9056377MW 6:50pm- 8:10pmHarriman Hll112Chen, Je-Wei
grader     Chen, JianSong