SUNY at Stony Brook MAT 534: Algebra I
Fall 2014

Welcome to MAT 534

Algebra I is one of the core courses intended for first-year graduate students. It is the first course in the 2-semester sequence (Algebra I, Algebra II) which covers the basics of algebra: groups, rings, fields, vector spaces, polynomials, Galois theory...

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Final exam will be in class (not a take-home exam!) on Fri, 12/15. For more info, check the page Exams
HW 10 has been posted.
HW 9 has been posted.
HW 8 has been posted.
The midterm will be on Tu, Oct 14. It will be open book: you can bring book, notes, homeworks. It will cover the materila we have covered up to Tu, Oct 7 (see here).
For practice with the material on PID, you can do the following problems in Dummit and Foote:
  • p. 282, problem 3
  • p. 283, problem 5
  • p. 278, problem 7
HW 6 has been posted. Sorry for the delay
The web server is back online, so the assignments will again be posted here. Please check "Homeworks" page if you did not get HW 5.
Also: the date of midterm has been announced: it will be on Tu, Oct 14.
HW 4 has been posted.
HW 3 has been posted.
HW 2 has been posted. Also, I've added my office hours in General information.
First homework has been posted.