SUNY at Stony Brook MAT 132: Calculus II
Fall 2018

Welcome to MAT 132

A continuation of MAT 131, covering symbolic and numeric methods of integration; area under a curve; volume; applications such as work and probability; sequences; series; Taylor series; differential equations; and modelling. May not be taken for credit in addition to MAT 127, MAT 142, MAT 171, or AMS 161. Detailed syllabus is available here

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Information and practice problems for the final exam have been posted here.
HW 11 has been posted. It contains WebAssign part (due on Dec 5) and paper HW (due at the second recitation of the last week of classes).
HW 10 has been posted. This time, it is paper only - no WebAssign part. Please hand it to your recitation instructor at first recitation after Thanksgiving.
No new HW will be assigned next week --- so if you do this one early, you can enjoy your Thanksgiving break!!
HW 9 has been posted.
For the first time, it contains not only WebAssign but also paper HW. Paper homeworks are to be written on a piece of paper (with your name, section and ID number) and handed to your recitation instructor on due date. The due date is the second recitation of that week: if your recitations meet on MW, it would be Wed recitation; if they meet on TuTh, it would be Th. You must write not only the answers but also your reasoning and explanation, which must be written clearly enough so that the grader should be able to follow your reasoning. Answers without explanation will get only partial credit.
Solutions of practice problems for midterm 2 have been posted here. Note: answers to some of the problems are not very pretty, as they can contain square roots, logarithms, and so on. The actual exam will be not as scary.
Practice problems for midterm 2 have been posted here.
WebAssign HW 8 has been assigned.
Also: midterm 1 will be on Th, Nov 1. For more info, please check Exams page.
WebAssign HW 7 has been assigned.
Also, midterm 2 is on November 1 - two weeks from today!
Midterm 1 has been graded. The grades will appear in BlackBoard (for your recitation, not lecture) by tonight - some of them are already there.
Quick preliminary statistics (subject to minor changes): midterm average was 41/65, or about 63%. If your grade is below 30 (out of 65), you are in serious danger of failing the course - please talk to your instructor!
More statistics will be posted later in the week.
Practice problems for midterm 1 have been posted here. Also, WebAssign HW 6 has been posted.
Please note that there are no classes on Monday, Oct 8 and Tu, Oct 9. Some instructors may have extra office hours next week - please check this page for updates!
Please check Exams page for info about midterm 1.
WebAssign HW 5 assigned.
Also, if you have moved from one recitation to another and as a result can not see your scores for early HWs in WebAssign, please email Professor Kirillov your name, previous section (recitation number, e.g. R21), and new section. He will transfer the scores from one section to another.
Date of midterm 1 has been changed! New date is October 11, 8:30 pm.
WebAssign HW 4 assigned.
Please note that grace period for accessing WebAssign is expiring today. Please buy access using one of the options listed here
WebAssign HW 2 assigned.
WebAssign HW 1 assigned.
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