SUNY at Stony Brook MAT 118: Mathematical Thinking
Spring 2009

Welcome to MAT 118

There is much more to mathematics than just calculations and solving equations. In this course we will examine several mathematical topics accessible to students with an understanding of high-school mathematics. These will be selected from among the following: voting methods; the mathematics of money; probability; graphs, paths, and networks; tilings and polyhedra; game theory; and other topics.

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We have graded the exams, and I have just entered the course grades in Solar. I'll enter the final exam grades in BlackBoard later today.
Final exam grades were rather disappointing; however, I was rather generous when assigning the letter grades.
If you want to see your exam or discuss your grade, please email me. I will be away for a conference in Chicago next week, but I will still be checking my email - and I will be back by May 31.
Practice final with solutions is available here.
Some info about the final is posted here.
Midterm 2 is on Th, April 2. Here is a practice exam.
Solutions of midterm 1 are available.
Help session today at 5:20-6:40 in Math P131. Yes, it is still on regardless of the snow.
Midterm 1 is on Tu, March 3. More info is here.
Web page created.