Anya and Igor.

This page is dedicated to our friends Igor Slobodkin and Anya Pogosyants, who died in a car accident on December 15, 1995.


Two winners were selected for this years' Anna Pogosyants UROP award: Andrew Chiu and Nick Mathewson will split the prize!

Andrew, whose work can be found in this URL was nominated by John Guttag, and Matthew, whose work in this URL was nominated by Barbara Liskov. Because the committee found both candidates equally strong, the decision was made to have two this year!

This prize was established in 1996 in memory of Anna Pogosyants, a computer science PhD student who was killed in a car accident in December, 1995. The funds for the award are from private donations made from Anna's friends, colleagues, and family.

Some new info(December 97):

as some of you may know, a hemodialyzer machine for the hospital in Moscow was bought using the money donated by friends of Anya and Igor. Moreover, the manufacturer supplied one more machine for free. The machines have been delivered to Moscow; however, they were not yet installed and running when I last talked to Nataliya Arkadievna (Igor's mother).

Also: I was informed of an article about Igor and Anya -- and about all of us, their friends, trying to keep the memory of them alive -- in a Russian Internet journal. You can find this article at this link (requires Russian fonts).

Some of the texts above are in Russian and require installation of KOI8 fonts. You can find advice on istalling these fonts from Sergey Naumov or from SovInformBureau.

It would be good if we could place here something about places and events which played important role in Anya and Igor's lives. For example, we could place here something - descriptions, recollections, photos... - about:

However, this is only possible with your active participation. Thus, I am asking everyone: if you could write something about the things listed above, or contribute to this page in any other way - please do so!

And finally: to keep this page alive, itwas suggested that we not only placehere some things about Igor and Anya but also something which would be of interest for their friends. At the moment there is just one such project: some useful info about applying to graduate schools of various universities. This page is created by the initiative of Anya's father Grisha Pogosyants ( and is maintained by Shurik Kirillov ( We'd appreciate any suggestions or other help.