MAT 311 Number Theory Spring 2013 

TuTh 2:30 - 3:50pm S B Union 226

Instructor: Ljudmila Kamenova
Office: Math Tower 3-115
Office hours: Wed 4 - 6 pm in Math 3-115, Wed 1:30 - 2:30 pm in the MLC
Grader: Stephen Dalton (sdalton at math dot sunysb dot edu)
Grader's office hours: Tue 12-2 pm in the MLC, Thu 5:30-6:30 pm in Math Tower 2-119

The Instructor may be reached by e-mail at

Course Description: Congruences, quadratic residues, quadratic forms, continued fractions, Diophantine equations, number-theoretical functions, and properties of prime numbers.

Prerequisites: A grade of C or higher in MAT 312 or 313 or 318; a grade of C or higher in MAT 200 or permission of instructor.

Text: Ivan Niven, Herbert S. Zuckerman, Hugh L. Montgomery, "An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers"

Grading: There will be two midterm exams (on 3/14 and 4/18 in class) and a final exam (on 05/21, 11:15am - 1:45pm). There will be regular homework assignments, due roughly once per week. Your grade will be determined via the following percentages: homework: 30%, midterms: 20% each, and final: 30%.


HW 1 (due on Feb 7): Section 1.2. Problems 15 and 32 (for extra credit: Problem 47); Section 1.3. Problems 11 and 31

HW 2 (due on Feb 14): Section 2.1. Problems 10, 34 and 38; Section 2.2. Problem 11 (for extra credit: Problem 12)

HW 3 (due on Feb 21): Section 2.3. Problems 3, 14 and 25; Section 2.6. Problem 3 (for extra credit: Problem 6)

HW 4 (due on Feb 28): Section 2.8. Problem 36. This is a long problem with many parts. Each part is worth 10 points. If you get stuck on one part, you may assume it in the later parts.

HW 5 (due on March 7): Section 3.1. Problems 4 and 10; Section 3.2. Problems 1 and 2.

HW 6 (due on March 28): Section 3.4. Problems 7, 8 and 9; Section 3.5. Problem 3.

HW 7 (due on April 4): Section 4.2. Problems 5 and 9; Section 4.3. Problems 2 and 7.

HW 8 (due on April 11): Section 4.5. Problems 1, 2 and 15.

HW 9 (due on April 25): Section 5.1. Problem 2, Section 5.2. Problem 1, Section 5.3. Problem 11, Section 5.4. Problem 1 (for extra credit: Problem 5)

HW 10 (due on May 2): Section 9.1. Problem 7, Section 9.2. Problem 1, Section 9.3. Problem 2

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