MAT 132: Calculus II

Mathematics Department

Fall 2016


12/14   Solutions for Final Exam are here.

11/30   Final review (by Lorenzo Foscolo) is on Monday, December 12th at 7pm-8:30pm in Engineering 145.

11/29   Final review (by Julia Viro and Sabyasachi Mukherjee) is on Friday, December 9th at 7pm-10pm in two locations: Engineering 143 and 145.

11/23   HW3 is here.

11/18   Maclaurin Series.

11/18  Rooms for Final Exam are here.

11/10   Practice Final Exam is here.

10/24   Midterm 2 review is on Tuesday, November 1st at 7pm-9pm in two locations: Library W4540 and Library W4525.

10/24  Exam rooms for Midterm 2 are here.

10/21  HW2 is here. It is due on the last recitation meeting before Midterm 2.

20/10   Hand-out for the logistic equation is here.

10/10   Supplement on Second-order linear differential equations is here.

10/10   Practice Midterm 2 is here.

9/20   Midterm 1 Review is on Wednesday, September 28th at 9pm-11pm in two locations: Library W4550 and W4525.

9/20  Exam rooms for Midterm 1 are here.

9/18  HW1 is here. It is due on the last recitation meeting before Midterm 1.

9/7  Practice Midterm 1 is here.

8/22   Welcome to MAT 132 (Calculus II)!

Please read important course documents: Syllabus (course policies) and Weekly Plan (what we are going to study and when).

Get the textbook and an access code to WebAssign (if you don't have them yet).

Recitations will start from the first week. Please attend your recitation even if it precedes the first lecture.

Best wishes for your calculus study!