Some Preprints and Reprints

"Group actions, divisors and plane curves" (with Bonifant) (pdf)

"On antipode preserving cubic maps" (with Bonifant and Buff) (pdf)

"On real and complex cubic curves" (with Bonifant) (pdf)

"Topology through the Centuries" (pdf)

"On cubic polynomial maps with periodic critical point, Part II" (with Bonifant and Kiwi) (pdf)

"Schwarzian Derivatives and Cylinder Maps" (with Bonifant) (pdf)

"Elliptic Curves as Attractors ..." (with Bonifant and Dabija) (pdf)

"Differential Topology 46 years later" (pdf)

"On cubic polynomial maps with periodic critical point, Part I" (postscript) or (pdf)

"Collected Papers III, Introduction to Part 1" (pdf)

"50 years ago (lecture at Park City)" (postscript) or (pdf)

"On Lattes Maps" (postscript) or (pdf)

"Towards the Poincare conjecture and the classification of 3-manifolds"
Notices A.M.S., November 2003 (postscript) or (pdf)

"The Poincare conjecture 100 years later" (postscript) or (pdf)

"Pasting together Julia sets; a worked out example of mating"
(Experimental Math 13 (2004) 55-92) (postscript) or (pdf)

"Periodic Orbits, External Rays and the Mandelbrot Set ..."
Asterisque 261 (2000) `Geometrie Complexe et Systemes Dynamiques', pp. 277-333
[Stony Brook IMS Preprint 1999#3]

"On Entropy and Monotonicity for Real Cubic Maps"
(with Tresser; and with an appendix by Douady and Sentinac)
Comm. Math. Phys. 209 (2000) 123-178.
[Revised version of Stony Brook IMS Preprint 1998#9;]

"Rational maps with two critical points"
in Experimental Math. 9 (2000) 481-522.
[a corrected and retitled version of Stony Brook IMS Preprint 1997#10]

"Local connectivity of Julia sets: expository lectures"
pp. 67-116 of "The Mandelbrot set, Theme and Variations" edit: Tan Lei,
LMS Lecture Note Series 274 , Cambr. U. Press 2000
[an updated version of Stony Brook IMS Preprint 1992#11];

"The Mathematical Work of Curt McMullen"
Notices A.M.S., January 1999

"John Nash and `A Beautiful Mind' "
Notices A.M.S., November 1998

"Geometry & dynamics of quadratic rational maps"
in Experimental Math. 2 (1993) 37-83.


A Problem: Is entropy effectively computable? (postscript) or (pdf)

Tsujii's monotonicity proof for real quadratic maps

Book: "Dynamics in One Complex Variable"

Published by Vieweg 1999, 2000; Princeton University Press 2006. Table of Contents