MAT 320
Fall 2001

12/11/01: The final examination will be held in Physics P113. Please bring a calculator to the examination. It will be needed for and you will be permitted to use it on only part of the examination.

12/10/01: Grades to date are posted outside 4-111, Math. Tower. They have been computed according to the formulae described in the course outline (without reference to the final examination; thus the B total is at most 75 and the A total, at most 105). The homework exercise grade is twice the average of the best ten efforts; the problem grade, the sum of the best five (these may be adjusted as a result of the (next) two assignments that are still due). A current track B total grade of approximately 45 represents a C. Clerical errors in the grades should be reported to I. Kra or W. Kim as soon as possible.

12/6/01: I. Kra will not hold office hours today.

11/30/01: There will be a review session for the course on Monday, December 17, between 10am and 2pm in P131 of the Mathematics Tower. The first part of the session (between 10 and 12) will be conducted by I. Kra; the second (between 12 and 2), by W. Kim. Please bring in problems to discuss; each part of the review session will end earlier than scheduled if there are no questions.

11/28/01: I. Kra will not hold office hours on Thursday, 11/29.

11/27/01: On Wednesday, 11/28 and Wednesday, 12/5, I. Kra will hold office hours in the Undergraduate office instead of 4-111.

10/31/01: Part B of the second midterm examination will NOT contain any direct questions on the material in paragraphs 7.7, 8.4, 9.5 and 10.4. Questions based on this material will appear on Part A, and this material maybe useful, though not needed, for some of the Part B questions.

10/25/01: I. Kra will not hold office hours on Wednesday, 10/31.

10/22/01: I. Kra will not hold office hours on Tuesday, 10/23.

10/12/01: Students are not responsible for material on Abel summability. I. Kra will not be available during office hours scheduled for the week of 10/15. The 10/17 and 10/19 (including the quiz) classes will be conducted by A. Phillips.

10/3/01: Please see latest changes in Course Syllabus and Assignments.

10/2/01: Pictures that will help in handling questions 5(b) and 6(b) of the first midterm examination are posted outside 4-111 of the Math Tower.

9/28/01: Effective today, the recitation will meet in SBU 237 (with no break between lecture and recitation).

In the first midterm examination, there will be no questions on the material on sections 6.2, 6.3 and 6.5; understanding this material might be helpful in answering other questions. The track B portion of the examination will exclude questions on Newton's method.

9/17/01: Note change in examination dates. In particular, the first midterm examination will take place on Monday, October 1. It will cover the first six chapters for both tracks. There will four questions for Track B and two extra questions for Track A students.

9/4/01: Mr. Kim will post solutions to homework exercises and problems outside his office. The solutions for the assignment due on 8/31 are already posted.

8/27/01: Change of office hours.

All course announcements/changes will be posted here. The course outline is subject to change; adjustments will be made based on students' backgrounds.