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Start by reading the syllabus.     last updated: 19-jul 7:35pm ET

Frequently Asked Questions (note: you won't be able to use a calculator during placement exam)

Questions? DO NOT HESITATE to either email me or put an appointment in my calendar to talk on Zoom.
Happy to guide you through the course and help you transition to Stony Brook. Go Seawolves!

Next, create a login in Lumen:    Course ID: 63405  Enrollment Key: 07012022

Lumen has videos in each section that you may find helpful. Each topic has a corresponding problem set so you can get hands-on practice with the material.

Pre-Algebra/Algebra Review Worksheets

DEFINITELY review the pre-algebra problems. It is natural to be rusty at these, especially if you haven't seen them in awhile. Ask me for clarification if necessary.
  1. Pre-Algebra Worksheet    Key    Video Explanation to follow
  2. Algebra Worksheet        Key    Video Explanation to follow

There are departmental videos you can watch.

They are designed for students taking MAP103 (Algebra); some topics are not on the Math Placement Exam (MPE) - skip those. Also, if you find these too technical, try watching the Lumen videos.

MAP102 Topics Guide

  1. Numbers and Operations (use Lumen and posted worksheets as additional pre-algebra resources)
  2. Numerical Expressions
  3. Variables and Algebraic Expressions
  4. Addition and Multiplication
  5. Subtraction and Division
  6. Distributivity
  7. Powers
  8. Power rules
  9. Polynomials
  10. Operations with Polynomials
  11. Rational Expressions
  12. Operations with Rational Expressions
  13. Composing Algebraic Expressions (optional)
  14. Equalities, Identities and Equations (low priority)
  15. Linear Equations
  16. Applications of Linear Equations (focus mainly on rectangle perimeter, angles in triangles)
  17. Linear Inequalities (skip)
  18. Absolute Value (optional)
  19. Lines on a Plane. Part 1
  20. Lines on a Plane. Part 2
  21. Linear Systems. Part 1 (skip)
  22. Linear Systems. Part 2 (skip)
  23. Linear Systems. Part 3 (skip)
  24. Radicals
  25. Radicals as Powers with Rational Exponents
  26. Quadratic Equations
  27. Quadratic Formula
  28. Factoring Quadratic Polynomials (use Lumen videos as the primary resource)
  29. Equations Reducible to Quadratic (skip biquadratic)
  30. Parabolas (skip)
  31. Quadratic Inequalities (skip)

Math Placement Exam - Interactive Test Bank

Here is an interactive bank of practice test questions for you to work with. =]

These questions are multiple choice and are given in sets of 24. Do all the questions as best as you can and then click Grade.

Expect the actual placement exam questions to be easier than these and also expect the numbers to be bigger than you will see on the placement exam. Even though you won't be able to use a calculator during the MPE, if need be, use a calculator to solve some of the bigger calculations here but make sure you would know the steps to solve the question using smaller numbers WITHOUT A CALCULATOR. A number of the questions again are from prealgebra -- it will be good for you to brush up on those skills. i.e., long division and proportions

Ask me if you would like guidance.

Retake Instructions

Information about your options to retake the MPE has been posted on Blackboard and sent to your SB email. If you haven't already, contact me with any questions/concerns.

Note: you will NOT be able to use a calculator during the placement exam

Testing Center Contact: Marla Gorman
Testing Center Location: Frey Hall, room 109

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