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Dzmitry Dudko

Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Stony Brook University

Office: 2-117, Math Tower

Stony Brook, 11794-3660, NY

E-mail: dzmitry.dudko at stonybrook.edu


Spring 2024 MAT 132 (Calculus II) - TuTh 5:30pm- 6:50pm,

MAT 342 (Applied Complex Analysis) - TuTh 2:30pm- 3:50pm

Spring 2024 Office Hours: Mo 1:30pm - 3:30pm (in Math Tower Room 2-117)

Math Learning Center Hours: We 4:00pm - 5:00pm (in Math Tower Room S-235)

Past Teaching

Research interest:

Dynamical Systems; in particular, the geometry of the Mandelbrot set and other parameter spaces, renormalization theory, post-critically finite maps, self-similar groups.

My research is partially supported by NSF Grant DMS 2055532

Publications and Preprints


PhD students:

Jonathan Galvan Bermudez

Willie Rush Lim, 2024


Dynamics and Renormalization Seminar and its Video Archive

Stony Brook Colloquium and its Video Archive

Institute for Mathematical Sciences