MAT 531 
Geometry/Topology II 
Spring 2009 

TuTh 12:50-2:10
Physics P-122 

Prof. Claude LeBrun,
Math Tower 3-108.

Study Hints for the Final Exam

Our final exam will be held in our usual classroom, on Tuesday, May 19, from 11 am until 1:30 pm.

The exam will consist of five problems, each worth 20 points. You will be asked to solve all five problems.

The following topics will be emphasized by the exam:

In preparing for the exam, you are urged to carefully review chapters 6 and 8 in your textbook. Doing extra problems from these chapters should be particularly helpful. If time allows, you might also find it helpful to also try some extra problems from chapters 3, 7, and 1l.

I do not particularly recommend that you study the mid-term exam when preparing for the final. However, you are of course free to review the mid-term solution guide, which can still be accessed by clicking here. Remember that the guide is in PDF format, and that you would therefore need Acrobat or similar software in order to read it.

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