MAT 142 - Honors Calculus II

Review Session

Rob Findley has kindly volunteered to conduct a review session on Thursday 5/11. The review will be held at 4:30 pm in the Mathematics common room, located on the fourth floor of the Math Tower, across the hall from the elevators. This review session should be of great help in preparing for the final exam, so everyone is strongly encouraged to attend.

In the mean-time, click here for some hints to help you study for the final.

Course Objectives

The purpose of this course is twofold. First, it will introduce the student to the basic concepts of calculus: integration, limits, and differentiation. Second, it will foster the development of mathematical sophistication by exposing the student to the habits of thought and patterns of reason that are most characteristic of moden mathematics. It is hoped that the student will learn to appreciate the beauty of mathematics, and the lessons it has to offer that go beyond the mere acquisition of mechanical skills.

Textbook Information

This course is a continuation of MAT 141, and will use the same textbook, namely Apostol's Calculus, Volume I. If you were in the course last semester, you thus do not need to purchase a new textbook --- we'll be using the one you already own. Otherwise, you are advised to rush-order a used or new copy of the text through Amazon, or else special-order a copy immediately through some other bookstore or web-site.


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