MAT 142, Honors Calculus II

Fall 2002

Christopher Bishop

Professor, Mathematics
SUNY Stony Brook

Office: 4-112 Mathematics Building
Phone: (516)-632-8274
Dept. Phone: (516)-632-8290
FAX: (516)-632-7631

Time and place: Tu-Th 11:20-12:40, room P-131 in Math Tower

This is the honors version of MAT 132. It goes faster and is more theoretical (i.e., it includes proofs). There will be two midterms and a final as well as weekly homework asignments and quizzes. It also uses a different text. The main topics we will cover are: transcendental functions, methods of integration and infinite series.

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Sylabus: dvi file , postscript file , pdf file

Lecture schedule and Homework assignments: dvi file , postscript file , pdf file

THE FINAL IS 11:30-1:00, THURSDAY DEC 19, P-131 Math Building

practice final pdf file, postscript file

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Link to history of mathematics

Some specific topics from the history of math site: history of `e' , The Brachistochrome problem , Isaac Newton , Gottfried Willhelm von Leibniz , A brief history of calculus , The fundamental theorem of algebra , A brief history of mathematics , Jean Fourier , The number `Pi' , Discovery of Neptune and Pluto , ,