MAT 126, Lecture 1, Fall 2020: Recordings of previous lectures

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Watch recordings of previous lectures

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020 Passcode: mJ0+!%wG
Thursday, Aug 27, 2020 (no passcode needed)
Tuesday, Sept 1, 2020 Passcode: Lu%qu&z4
Thursday, Sept 3, 2020 Passcode: K!68mPh6
Due to a technical glitch, I had to restart Zoom about 12 minutes into my lecture on Tuesday Sept 8. This caused Zoom to record that lecture as two separate files: the first about 12 minutes long and the second about an hour long. The links are:
Tuesday, Sept 8, 2020, Part I (no passcode needed)
Tuesday, Sept 8, 2020, Part II (no passcode needed)
Thursday Sept 10, 2020 Passcode: !V*9f#0a
Tuesday Sept 15, 2020 Passcode: 9eX7ex.6
Thursday, Sept 17, 2020 Passcode: *Ec554fU (exponential, logs and inverse trig integrals)
Tuesday, Sept 22, 2020 Passcode: yZy&EkB7 (review for Midterm 1)
Thursday, Sept 24, 2020 Passcode: =.1SCMA2 (areas between curves)
Tuesday, Sept 29, 2020 Passcode: AcSg@3?% (Midterm 1 results, disk method for volumes)
Thursday, Oct 1, 2020 Passcode: ^Rk=^i*5 (shell method for volumes, review for quiz 5)
Tuesday, Oct 6, 2020 Passcode: @*6@F3M5 (selected HW 6 problems, arclength, surface area)
Thursday, Oct 8, 2020 Passcode: +Vj%3%yy (word problems involving forces, review for Quiz 6)
Tuesday, Oct 13 2020 Passcode: BuvJt1=F (Moments, center of mass, Theorem of Pappus)
Thursday, Oct 15 2020 Passcode: %1FaGb+g (Review for Midterm 2)
Tuesday, Oct 20, 2020 Passcode: *7v^.dFY (Exponentials and logarithms, again)
Thursday, Oct 22, 2020 Passcode: $45LEg&N (Exponential growth and decay, Newton's law of cooling, Quiz 7 review)
Tuesday, Oct 27, 2020 Access Passcode: #qc^KNy5 (Integration by parts, start trig integrals)
Thursday, Oct 29, 2020 Access Passcode: BL4HrO#& (finish trig integrals, trig substitutions, review for Quiz 8)
Tuesday Nov 3 2020 (pre-recorded Nov 1) Access Passcode: #5@HJ73K (finish trig substitutions, partial fractions).
Thursday Nov 5 2020 Access Passcode: 4SD4Rc@% Improper integrals, review for Quiz 9
Tuesday Nov 10 2020 Access Passcode: 4S*J4&Ws Tables of integrals, integrals in MATLAB, numerical integration
Thursday Nov 12, 2020 Access Passcode: &MsjWT+8 Review for Midterm 3
Tuesday Nov 17, 2020 Access Passcode: 2zX#%$?i Section 7.1, Parametric equations
Thursday Nov 19, 2020 Access Passcode: JA$LoX8? Section 7.2, Calculus for parametric curves
Thanksgiving break; no classes on Nov 24 and 26
Tuesday Dec 1, 2020 Access Passcode: .c8g=$WP Discuss grades, Section 7.3, Polar coordinates
Thursday Dec 3, 2020 Access Passcode: Cke8!YZT Last class; Section 7.4 area and arclength in polar coordinates, outline of final exam