MAT 127: Calculus C, LO2

Stony Brook            Spring 2015



Your grades for the final exam are now available in BlackBoard.
Final Exam: Info, Course Summary III, F05 exam/solutions, S06 exam/solutions, F09 exam/solutions, F10 exam/solutions, Quizzes 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/solutions, S15 exam/solutions.
Midterm II: Info, Sequence vs. Series, Course Summary II, F05 exam/solutions, S06 exam/solutions, F09 exam/solutions, F10 exam/solutions, S15 exam/solutions/comments.
Midterm I: Info, Course Summary I, F05 exam/solutions, S06 exam/solutions, F09 exam/solutions, F10 exam/solutions, S15 exam/solutions/comments.

I heard that some MLC tutors could have been better with giving MAT 127 specific answers. If you go to MLC on a Tuesday afternoon, try to speak with Raquel 2-4pm, Jason or Julia 4-5pm, or Jingchen 6-7pm. Between 2-3:30pm on Tuesdays, you can also go to the MAT 127 OHs in Math 4-104.

The homework assignments will be posted weekly on the main MAT 127 website. The course syllabus includes information about grading, homework, and exams and describes other important course policies. Additional details can be found on the main MAT 127 website. Please also print out and read the Supplementary and Additional Course Information. Note that the grader's OHs have changed (02/08/15).

In order to pass this course, it is essential to have solid understanding of the material covered in earlier calculus courses, such as MAT 123/125/126. As will become apparent on the exams, this is much more the case for MAT 127 than it was for MAT 125 or 126. In order to test your readiness for this course, please print out this MAT 127 Early Exam, take it under self-imposed test conditions, and study the solutions once you are done. A score below mid-to-upper teens would indicate that there is background material that you need to review; see Additional Course Information for review suggestions. In the early exam solutions, you'll find a quick way to do many partial fractions, which will be useful in both parts of the course.


Teaching Staff

 name e-mail OHs
L01: MWF 10:0010:53am, Javits 103 Marcus Khuri (Course Coordinator) khuri@math.sunysb.eduMWF 11am-noon, Math 3-122
L02: MW 4:005:20pm, Hvy Engr 201 Aleksey Zinger azinger@math.sunysb.eduTu 9am-noon, Math 3-122*
L03: MWF 11:0011:53am, Earth&Space 131 Marie-Louise Michelsohn mlm@math.sunysb.eduMWF 10-11am, Math 5-113
L04: TuTh 8:00-9:20am, Lgt Engr 152 Ali Daemi adaemi@scgp.stonybrook.eduMTh 2:30-4pm, SCGP 304
L05: TuTh 4:00-5:20pm, Library E4315 Yuanqi Wang ywang@scgp.stonybrook.eduTuTh 2-3:30pm, Math 4-104
grader Xiaojie Wang wang@math.sunysb.eduM 9-10am, Math 5-125B
W 4-6pm, MLC
*I would also be happy to answer questions immediately after the lecture.

Please free to attend the office hours of any of the lecturers (as well as of the grader). Additional help is available through Math Learning Center and the Residential Tutoring Centers. The morning hours at MLC are usually less popular and thus the staff are more likely to be able to devote more attention to each student.

Due to the relatively large size of the class and other obligations, I may not be able to answer every e-mail. Before sending an e-mail with an administrative question (e.g. about exam locations), please check to see if the answer to your question is contained in the course information handouts (Course Syllabus, Supplementary Course Information, and Additional Course Information), on the main MAT 127 website, or this LO2 website or is available through the Stony Brook University pages; I will not respond to such questions. Please do not e-mail mathematical questions (e.g. how to do a specific problem); instead, please come to office hours or talk with me after the lecture. If you would like to discuss your homework grades (as opposed to the homework itself), please speak with the grader.



Date Topic Read Comments
01/26, Msnow day
01/28, WIntroduction to ODEs7.1 
02/02, Msnow day
02/04, WDirection Fields7.2HW1 due soon
02/09, MEuler's Method7.2Add/Drop Date
02/11, WSeparable ODEs7.3HW2 due soon
02/16, MExponential growth/decay7.4HW3 due soon
02/18, WLogistic growth7.5 
02/23, MPredator-prey systems7.6HW4 due soon
02/25, W 
03/02, M2nd Order ODEs ODE
Midterm I 8:45-10:15pm
03/04, WHW5 due soon
03/06, FIntro to Sequences8.1Drop-Down Date
03/09, MSequences and Series8.1,8.2 
03/11, WThe Test for Divergence8.2HW6 due soon
03/16, MSpring Break
03/18, W
03/23, MIntegral Test8.3HW7 due soon
03/25, WComparison and Limit Comparison Tests 
03/27, FRatio Test8.4 
03/30, MAlternating Series TestHW8 due soon
04/01, WQ&A on 2nd order ODEs + 7.6-8.3Midterm II 8:45-10:15pm
04/06, MConvergence Tests Wrapup8.4HW9 due soon
04/08, WPower Series8.5 
04/13, MDifferentiation and Integration of Power Series8.6HW10 due soon
04/15,WSubstitutions into Power Series 
04/20, MTaylor Series8.7HW11 due soon
04/22, W 
04/27, MBinomial TheoremHW12 due soon
04/29, WTaylor Polynomials8.8 
05/04, MReview: ODEs7.1-7.6, Notes HW13 due soon
05/06, WReview: Sequences and Series8.1-8.8 
05/13, WFinal Exam 11:15am - 1:45pm

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