MAT 127: Calculus C

Stony Brook            Fall 2009



All grades (not letter) should now be available on blackboard. The letter grade break-down for the semester is

letter grade AA-B+ BB- C+C DF
weighted total 80+77.5-79.9 73-77.468-72.9 62.5-67.956-62.4 49-55.935-48.9 34.9-
Your letter grade should now be available in solar.

The top 3 scores on the final were 152, 150, and 150, out of 150. Congratulations to those of you who did a great job in the course, such as scoring 10+ points higher on the final (percentage-wise) than the average of the two midterms.

If you need to re-take MAT 127, you are likely to be better off doing this as soon as possible, so in Spring 2010. However, do not expect to pass without significant effort anyway, and remember that you'd need to petition to take this course for a third time.

Midterm I: Info, Course Summary I, Fall 05 exam and solutions, Spring 06 exam and solutions, Fall 09 exam and solutions.
Midterm II: Info, Course Summary II, Fall 05 exam and solutions, Spring 06 exam and solutions, Fall 09 exam and solutions.
Final: Info, Course Summary III, Fall 05 exam and solutions, Spring 06 exam and solutions, Fall 09 quizzes 1, 2, 3, 4,5, 6 and solutions, exam and solutions.

  A-/AC/C+ D/C-F
MI  80+65-7956-64 41-5540-
MII  80+62-7950-61 35-4934-
FE (%)  75+60-74.745-59.3 33-44.732.7-
HW (%)  75+63-74.945-62.9 33-44.932-
The HW break-downs take into account the presence of the harder letter problems.

PS7, PS8, PS9, and PS10 were graded out of 105, 65, 115, and 120 points, respectively. However, blackboard should automatically weigh all problem sets equally; so, while it will display your actual scores for the individual problem sets, the average homework score and the weighted average should be computed effectively after re-scaling all homework scores as if they were out of 100 (e.g. dividing your PS7 score by 1.05). blackboard should drop your lowest re-scaled HW score in computing the average homework score, which is then used to compute the weighted average.


Course Instructors and Graders

 name e-mail OHs
L01: MWF 9:35-10:30am, Library E4320 Caner Koca caner@math Tu 8-10am, Math 3-118
W 11am-12noon, MLC
L02: MW 5:20-6:45pm, SB Union 236 Qian Wang qwang@math M 12noon-1pm, MLC
M 1-3pm, Math 4-120
L03: TuTh 2:20-3:40pm, Math P131 Aleksey Zinger azinger@math Tu 3:45-5:15pm, Math 3-111
W 9-10:30am, Math P143
L04: TuTh 5:20-6:40pm, Math P131
graders Raquel Peralespraquel@math MF 10-11am, MLC
M 11am-12noon, Math S-240C
Jun Wenjwen@math W 6-7pm, MLC
W 7-9pm, Math S-240
Zheng Zhangzzhang@math W 1-3pm, Math S-240
W 3-4pm, MLC



Week Topic Comments Homework Assignment
08/31-09/04Introduction to differential equations
(and a little review)
  Read 7.1; do HW1
09/08-09/11 Approximating solutions to differential equations 09/07: no classes Read 7.2; do HW2
09/14-09/18Separable differential equations 09/14: last day to add a class
           or drop without a W
Read 7.3 do HW3
09/21-09/25Some applications   Read 7.4, 7.5; do HW4
09/29-10/02Second-order differential equations 09/29: Monday schedule Read Notes; do HW5
10/05-10/09Review for and overview of Midterm I
Systems of autonomous equations
10/07, 8:30-10pm: MIDTERM I Read 7.1-7.5, Notes, 7.6
10/12-10/16Systems of autonomous equations (cont'd)
Introduction to sequences
  Read 7.6; 8.1do HW6
10/19-10/23More sequences and series 10/23: last day to drop down from
Read 8.1, 8.2; do HW7
10/26-10/30Some convergence tests   Read 8.3; do HW8
11/02-11/06Review for and overview of Midterm II
More convergence tests
11/04, 8:30-10pm: MIDTERM II Read 7.1-7.6, 8.1-8.3, 8.4
11/09-11/13More convergence tests (cont'd)
Power series
  Read 8.4, 8.5; do HW9
11/16-11/20Power series and functions   Read 8.6; do HW10
11/23-11/24Taylor series 11/25-11/27: no classes Read 8.7; do HW10
11/30-12/04Binomial series and applications  Read 8.7-8.9; do HW11; solutions
12/07-12/11Review  Read 7.1-7.5, Notes, 8.1-8.7
12/14, 8:15-10:45am: FINAL EXAM

Special Needs

If you have a physical, psychological, medical, or learning disability that may impact your course work, please contact Disability Support Services at (631) 632-6748 or online. They will determine with you what accommodations are necessary and appropriate. All information and documentation is confidential. Students who require assistance during emergency evacuation are encouraged to discuss their needs with their professors and Disability Support Services. For procedures and information go to the following website.


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