Restaurants/Cafes near Stony Brook Math Department

On Campus

  1. Harriman Cafe (coffee,bagels,sandwiches); M-F 10-3; Harriman Hall, 2mins
    From the S Level exit, turn left and walk up a few steps; Harriman Hall is the first building on the left.
  2. SAC Cafeteria (subs,pizza,grill), typical entree $4-7; M-F 8-8, SaSu 12-6; Student Activities Complex, 3mins
    SAC is across the open area from the far end of Harriman Hall (see above)
  3. Jasmine (Chinese,Indian,Japanese,Thai), typical entree $6-8; M-F 11-8, SaSu 2-8; Wang Center, 5mins
    Continue straight past the SAC (see above) until you approach the Administration Bldg; the Wang Center is the modern-looking building to the left of the Administration Bldg.
  4. Delancey Street (kosher deli), typical entree $6-10; M-Th 11:30-7:30, F 11-2hrs before sunset; Student Union, 5mins
    From the P Level exit, turn right, cross through the glass corridor between Physics Bldg and Harriman Hall, and continue straight to the Sports Complex. Student Union is the next building to the right; Delancey Street is down the long hallway immediately to the left of the main entrance.
Near Campus
  1. Domino's Pizza (631) 751-0330; 11am-2am; next to train station, 10mins
    From the P Level exit, head to the left of Physics Bldg, down a few steps, across the small pay parking lot and then diagonally across the large parking lot, reaching the Stony Brook train station. Domino's Pizza is directly across the pedestrian overpass over the RR tracks and Route 25A.
  2. Soups's On (631) 751-8500 (soups,wraps), typical entree $5; opposite near end of train station, 10mins
    From Domino's Pizza (see above), follow Route 25A to the left (if facing Domino's Pizza) to a small plaza.
  3. Green Cactus Grill (631) 751-0700 (Mexican), typical entree $3-8; Soups's On (see above), 10mins
  4. Station Pizza & Brew (631) 751-5543 (pizza,pasta,heros), typical entree $5-10; next to Soups's On (see above), 10mins
  5. Cosmos Cafe (631) 246-8000 (Greek,Italian), typical entree $5-15; M-Th 11-11, FSa 11-12, Su 12-11; next to train station, 10mins
    Located diagonally across from the train station (see above) building on the east (far) end of the station.
  6. Dunkin Donuts (631) 689-0350; in the same building as Cosmos Cafe (see above), 10mins
  7. Strawberry Fields (631) 246-5600 (deli,cafe); typical entree $6-7; behind Cosmos Cafe (see above), 10mins
  8. Curry Club (631) 751-4845 (Indian), extensive lunch buffet $10, typical entree $12-20; lunch 11:30-3, dinner 5-10; Route 25A & Nicolls Rd, 20mins
    Staying on the campus side of the train station (see above), continue along the road away from the Math Bldg to the North Exit Rd and Nicolls Rd; cross Nicolls Rd and walk under the RR bridge; the Curry Club will be straight ahead.
  9. Subway (631) 751-1444; in front of Curry Club (see above), 20mins
  10. Eastern Pavilion (631) 751-1888 (Chinese), typical entree $10-15; just past Curry Club (see above) on Route 25A, 20mins
  11. Sushi-Ichi (631) 689-3111 (Japanese), typical entree $10-25; lunch Tu-F 12-2:30, dinner Tu-Th,Su 5-9:30, FSa 5-10:30; past Eastern Pavillion (see above) on Route 25A, 25mins
  12. Pentimento (Italian), (631) 689-7755, typical entree $20-30; SB village green, 30mins
    From Soup's On (see above), continue on Route 25A to Hawkins Rd; follow Hawkins Rd to its end on Main St; turn right onto Main St., passing a pond on the left; Pentimento is diagonally across the first parking lot to the right of Main St.

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