MAT 560: Mathematical Physics I

Fall 2013

SUNY at Stony Brook

Instructor. Michael Anderson, Math 4-110.
E-mail:, Phone: 632-8269.
Lectures: Tu/Th: 1:00-2:20, in Physics P128.

Office Hours. W/F 1:30-3pm, and by appointment.

Course Description. This is a course on classical field theory. We will begin with classical particle theory (Newtonian, Lagrangian, Hamiltonian mechanics), then move on to the classical fields: scalar, vector, electromagnetism and gauge fields, sigma models. The field theory will be relativistic, so we will also introduce special relativity. Time permitting, we may also discuss the rudiments of the "last" classical field theory, general relativity, and/or "classical" fermionic fields and supersymmetry.

There are no specific texts that will be used for the class. There are many good texts on this material, covering many different points of view and tastes. There is no single one that I find clearly "the best".

The basic reference for the course is:

Other suggestions: