MAT 308 (Differential Equations with Linear Algebra)

Spring 2013

SUNY at Stony Brook

The main topics of this course are (ordinary) differential equations (ODE's), especially linear ones, and linear algebra. Just like linear algebra is needed to obtain a full understanding of the calculus of functions of many variables, so its also an essential ingredient in understanding how to solve linear ODE's. These ODE's are equations involving functions of one variable - in contrast to the multivariable calculus in MAT 307. We will also delve a little bit into the world of nonlinear ODE's.

MAT 307 and MAT 308 together cover the same material at MAT 203, MAT 211 and MAT 303 at a somewhat more theoretical level. This means that this course is going to move quickly and will be a significant amount of work. Since about half of the linear algebra material was covered already in MAT 307, you should have taken either MAT 307 or MAT 211 before taking MAT 308.

There is a lot of material in the text that cannot be covered in class, and you will need to read the relevant sections on your own. The text is rather densely written, so you may not understand it on the first or even second reading. Keep trying - it will eventually pay off handsomely. Ask questions to your instructor and TA.


FINAL EXAM: Monday, May 13, 8:30 - 11:00pm, in the usual lecture room: Library W4530
The exam will be cumulative, covering the full semester: roughly 1/3 linear algebra and 2/3 differential equations.

Here is a Practice Final Exam:
Practice Final
Ignore the first few pages of the Practice exam and start only with Problem 2 on. No sheet of notes allowed on this exam.

Midterm II: Take Home Exam, Wed. Apr 17. Due in class on Mon, Apr 22.
Pick up exam at end of lecture class on Wed, Apr 17.
Email me if you have any questions during the exam.
Exam Topics: Chapters 11, 12, 13.1-13.2

Midterm I: Wednesday, March 6, 4-5:20pm, in Lecture Class.

Exam Topics: All of Chapter 3 + what we did in Chapter 10.

Here are two practice midterms. They are from the previous 2 years of MAT 308.
Practice I
This exam covers material that will be on the exam, but it rather easy. Our exam will probably be harder.
Practice II
This exam is quite hard. Its a take home exam, allowing notes, text, etc, but is more difficult than our exam. Problem 7(c) won't come up, nor will anything like Problem 10.

Topics in text to skip:
Ch.11.7 - but read phase portait discussion in Ch.11.7C

Topics in text to read:
Ch.10.2-10.3; some of the applications. You choose whatever interests you.

MAT 308

Lecture and Recitation

Final Exam: Monday May 13, 8:30-11:00pm, Place: TBA



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