Elliptic Curves

Princeton Mathematical Notes, vol. 40, Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey, 1992.
ISBN: 0-691-08559-5.
427+xvi pages.

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Front matter - PDF


The following people have kindly pointed out corrections and other remarks concerning the book: Bryan J. Birch, Robin Chapman, Pierre-Yves Gaillard, Yves Hellegouarch, Chan Heng Huat, Günter Köhler, Robert P. Langlands, Kim Shun Enoch Lee, Dino Lorenzini, Jean-Pierre Serre, Allan Trojan, Yu Zhao, and Yuecheng Zhu. Most of the corrections and remarks are included in the first file below. Two of the corrections by Langlands are fairly lengthy, and they appear in a separate file.

Short corrections and remarks (2/17/09) - PDF
Two longer corrections from Robert Langlands (5/2/05) - PDF

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