Advanced Real Analysis

Cornerstones, Birkhäuser, Boston, 2005.
ISBN: 0-8176-4382-6 for the single volume.
465+xxii pages.

ISBN: 0-8176-4407-5 for the two-volume set with Basic Real Analysis.

There is now a  Digital Second Edition of this book.  It is available only in electronic form.

Chapter Titles:

Introduction to Boundary-Value Problems
Compact Self-Adjoint Operators
Topics in Euclidean Fourier Analysis
Topics in Functional Analysis
Compact and Locally Compact Groups
Aspects of Partial Differential Equations
Analysis on Manifolds
Foundations of Probability

File Available:

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The final list of corrections to the 2005 version appears in the file below.

Corrections (7/31/2016) - PDF

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