Summer Math Scholarship

2023 - Enhanced Research Experience for Undergraduates

Sponsored by the Summer Math Foundation,
the Stony Brook Department of Mathematics,
and Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (URECA)

This program entails a twelve-month series of activities, during Spring 2023, Summer 2023, and Fall 2023.

What does the Enhanced Research Experience for Undergraduates consist of?

The program will start with an independent study course (MAT 487) covering topics in the Complex Function Theory and Dynamics, to be held during Spring 2023. (Some further details about the topic of this course can be found here). This course will be supervised by Professors Hongming Nie, James Waterman, and Yongquon Zhang. Up to eight students who apply for the Independent Study course will meet weekly and study materials provided by the professors. In March 2023, the Summer Math Committee, together with Professors Nie, Waterman, and Zhang, will choose the recipients of the Summer Math Scholarship among the students enrolled in MAT 487. (All students will earn the appropriate MAT 487 credit/grade. ) Participation in MAT 487 is a necessary (but not sufficient) condition for receiving the Summer Math Scholarship.

During the Summer of 2023, the selected students will work for 10 weeks on a research program under the guidance of the supervising professors. During this period, the student will enroll in MAT 487.

During the Fall 2023, the selected students will register for MAT 495: Honors Thesis and will produce a paper about the results found during the summer. Each student agrees to present a poster on these results as part of URECA the following spring.

What does the program cover?

The program will cover on-campus housing, meal plan, and University student fees during Summer 2023 for the selected students. In addition, a modest stipend is included to cover travel and incidental expenses. Alternatively, a larger financial stipend will be given if living on campus is inappropriate.

What are the requirements to apply?

An applicant should

How to apply

By November 21, 2022 students interested in taking the independent study course in the Spring of 2023 and being considered for the Enhanced REU in the Summer, should apply by completing this form.

The application must include both a letter of intent and a current unofficial transcript. This letter of intent should address all of the following.

  1. Mathematical background of the student (not just course numbers, but including the course content). If appropriate, the letter should also address topics and ideas learned by the student outside of coursework at Stony Brook.
  2. Reasons why the student is interested in the program.
  3. Reasons why the student is a good candidate for the program.
  4. The explanation of an idea or statement in mathematics that the student finds interesting.
  5. Future career plans (if appropriate).

Students will be informed by November 30 whether they have been selected to participate in the special section of MAT487. As always, students wishing to do an independent study with another faculty member are always eligible to enroll in MAT487 with that professor, pending approval.

The topic and lead faculty of the Enhanced Research Experience for Undergraduates will change yearly.