Stony Brook Mathematics
Schedule of Classes
Fall 2004

First Day of Classes: Monday, August 30, 2004
Last Day for Add-Drop: Monday, September 13, 2004
Last Day to switch from
MAT 122, 123, 125, 126, 127, 131, 132, 141, 142
to a lower numbered MAP or MAT course:
Thursday, October 21, 2004
Last Revised: Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Mathematics Education Courses

MAE 301 Foundatns Secondry School Math Final Exam: Thurs.Dec16, 2-4:30pm
LEC 181179TuTh 3:50pm- 5:10pmMathematics4130Andersen, Robert

MAE 311 Intro Meth Tching Sec Sch Math Final Exam: Wed.Dec 15, 2-4:30pm
LEC 181180MW 3:50pm- 5:10pmMathematics4130Bernhard, William

MAE 447 Directed Readings in Math
T0181181    Maskit, Bernard

MAE 451 Sup Teaching Grades 7-9
Note: S/U grading only.
V0181182    Wiegand, Judith
V6095486    Zubay, Bongsoon

MAE 452 Sup Teaching Grades 10-12
Note: S/U grading only.
V0181183    Wiegand, Judith
V6095487    Zubay, Bongsoon

MAE 454 Student Teaching Seminar Final Exam: Wed. Dec 15, 5-7:30pm
S0181184W 3:50pm- 6:50pmMathematicsP131Wiegand, Judith
S6095488Tu 4:00pm- 7:00pmSb Manhattan234Zubay, Bongsoon

MAE 501 Foundtns. of Sec. Math Curric.
LEC 195324TuTh 3:50pm- 5:10pmMathematics4130Andersen, Robert

MAE 510 Intro to Methods of Teaching
LEC 195325MW 3:50pm- 5:10pmMathematics4130Bernhard, William

Undergraduate Courses

MAP 101 Fundamentals of Arithm & Algeb
Note: Evening Exams: 8:30 p.m. Thurs, Sept 23 & Wed, Nov 10. Proficiency exam given either in SINC sites or at 8:30 p.m. on Wed., 9/1 and Thurs., 9/2.
Final Exam: Mon. Dec 13, 11-1:30pm
LEC 181185MWF 9:35am-10:30amS B Union226Holmes, Kristin
LEC 281186TuTh 6:50pm- 8:10pmChemistry126Wong, Wai-Ho
LEC 387425TuTh 9:50am-11:10amChemistry128Albergo, Theresa

MAP 103 Proficiency Algebra
Evening Exams: 8:30 p.m. 9/23, 11/10. Section 5 is for Learning Community students. Proficiency exam given either in SINC sites or at 8:30 p.m. on Wed., 9/1 and Thurs., 9/2.
Final Exam: Mon. Dec 13, 11-1:30pm
LEC 181187MWF 8:30am- 9:25amChemistry123Gerardi, Nikki-Ann
LEC 281188MWF 9:35am-10:30amChemistry123Chang, Larry
LEC 381189MWF 9:35am-10:30amChemistry124Subodh, Munjal
LEC 481190MWF10:40am-11:35amChemistry123Sarro, Michael
LEC 581191MWF11:45am-12:40pmS B Union226Baranello, Laura Jean
LEC 681192MWF 2:20pm- 3:15pmChemistry124*cancelled*
LEC 781193MW 3:50pm- 5:10pmEarth&Space183Manekia, Mohsin Anverali
LEC 881194MW 6:50pm- 8:10pmChemistry126Andrews, Harry Vincent
LEC 981195TuTh 8:20am- 9:40amChemistry123Edlin, Naomi
LEC 1081196TuTh 9:50am-11:10amPhysicsP116Wong, Wai-Ho
LEC 1181197MF12:50pm- 2:10pmS B Union226Black, Joanne Teri
LEC 1281198MF12:50pm- 2:10pmPhysicsP127Zhang, Wan
LEC 1381199TuTh11:20am-12:40pmOld Chem138O'Leary, Stephen
LEC 1481200TuTh 3:50pm- 5:10pmChemistry123Kuflik, Eric
LEC 1581201TuTh 6:50pm- 8:10pmPhysicsP130Grucci, Felix
LEC 1682828TuTh12:50pm- 2:10pmOld Chem138O'Leary, Stephen
LEC 1787427TuTh 3:50pm- 5:10pmChemistry124Ma, Xin
LEC 1887433TuTh 5:20pm- 6:40pmChemistry123Gjorgjioski, Christina
LEC 1987469MW 5:20pm- 6:40pmChemistry124Edlin, Naomi
LEC 2087489TuTh 2:20pm- 3:40pmHarriman Hll104Wong, Wai-Ho

MAT 118 Mathematical Thinking Final Exam: Fri, Dec 17, 11-1:30pm
LEC 181202MF12:50pm- 2:10pmEngineering145Gromoll, Detlef
R0181203M 9:35am-10:30amPhysicsP130Cuevas, Ruth Livia
R0281204W 3:50pm- 4:45pmChemistry128Robles-Llana, Daniel
R0387428Tu 9:50am-10:45amS B Union231Robles-Llana, Daniel
R0488069Th 9:50am-10:45amPhysicsP128Cumbo, Karen Elizabeth

MAT 122 Overview of Calculus with Appl
Note: Evening Exams: 8:30 p.m. 9/29, 11/11. Proficiency exam given either in SINC sites or at 8:30 p.m. on Wed., 9/1 and Thurs., 9/2.
Final Exam: Mon. Dec 13, 11-1:30pm
LEC 181206TuTh 9:50am-11:10amEngineering145Bishop, Christopher
R0181207Th 2:20pm- 3:15pmHarriman Hll115Middleton, Ryan
R0281208M 3:50pm- 4:45pmPhysicsP117Rounds, Nathaniel
R0381209W 9:35am-10:30amPhysicsP127Rounds, Nathaniel
ELC 281205MW 6:50pm- 8:10pmHarriman Hll112Suvaina, Ioana
grader     Li, Yinghua

MAT 123 Introduction to Calculus
Evening Exams: 8:30 p.m. 9/29, 11/11. Proficiency exam given in SINC site at 8:30 p.m. on Thurs., 9/2. Sections R01 and R26 are for Learning Community students. Recitations R01-R07 Register in LEC 01
Final Exam: Wed. Dec 15, 11-1:30pm
LEC 181212MW 8:05am- 9:25amEarth&Space1Reiris, Martin
R0181219Tu12:50pm- 1:45pmPhysicsP124Ren, Xiaozhou
R0281220Th12:50pm- 1:45pmPhysicsP124Solorzano, Pedro
R0381221Tu11:20am-12:15pmEarth&Space181Pavlica, Linda
R0481222Tu 9:50am-10:45amOld Chem138Kim, Jein Wook
R0581223M10:40am-11:35amOld Chem138Yeung, Stephen Lee
R0681224M 5:20pm- 6:15pmPhysicsP117Hoertkorn, Catherine Anne
R0781225Th 3:50pm- 4:45pmOld Chem138Zhang, Yuan
LEC 281213TuTh 5:20pm- 6:40pmJavits Lectr100Rasdeaconu, Rares
R0881226Tu 3:50pm- 4:45pmOld Chem138Nowicki, Jan
R0981227Tu11:20am-12:15pmEarth&Space183Solorzano, Pedro
R1081228Th11:20am-12:15pmEarth&Space183Nowicki, Jan
R1181229Th 9:50am-10:45amOld Chem138Zhang, Yuan
R1281230Tu 6:50pm- 7:45pmPsychology A137Hoertkorn, Catherine Anne
R1381231W 5:20pm- 6:15pmPhysicsP130Thind, Jaimal
R1481232M 8:30am- 9:25amS B Union226Branson, Mark Alan
LEC 481215TuTh 9:50am-11:10amHarriman Hll137De Cataldo, Mark
R2281240Th 6:50pm- 7:45pmEarth&Space183Ma, Maria
R2381241W10:40am-11:35amOld Chem138Vanacore, Gina
R2481242F 8:30am- 9:25amS B Union226Branson, Mark Alan
R2581243M12:50pm- 1:45pmEarth&Space181Holmes, Kristin
R2681244M12:50pm- 1:45pmHarriman Hll112Thind, Jaimal
ELC 581216MW 6:50pm- 8:10pmHarriman Hll116Chen, Je-Wei
ELC 681217TuTh 6:50pm- 8:10pmPhysicsP118Ambrose, Donald
grader1     Guo, Weixin
grader2     Hao, Ning

MAT 125 Calculus A
Eve Exams: 8:30 p.m. 9/27, 11/9. Some seats reserved in rec 02 & 06 f/LCP students. Profic exam given in SINC 8:30pm, Wed, 9/1. Sect. R01-R07 register in LEC 01. Not for credit in add'n to MAT 131 or 141 or AMS 151 or the discont'd MAT 124.
Final Exam: Wed. Dec 15, 11-1:30pm
LEC 181245MF12:50pm- 2:10pmEarth&Space1Sutherland, Scott
R0181249M 9:35am-10:30amJavits Lectr108Beck, Yoav
R0281250Th12:50pm- 1:45pmOld Chem144Shah, Samir
R0381251Tu 2:20pm- 3:15pmLibraryN4072Hitron, Ariel Brett
R0481252Th 5:20pm- 6:15pmS B Union231Liu, Yuan
R0581253M11:45am-12:40pmEarth&Space183Robles-Llana, Daniel
R0681254Th 2:20pm- 3:15pmEarth&Space181Shah, Samir
R0781255Th 5:20pm- 6:15pmPhysicsP116Hu, Wenchuan
LEC 281246TuTh 8:20am- 9:40amEarth&Space1Bulawa, Andrew David
R0881256F 9:35am-10:30amEarth&Space181Roberts, Amy
R0981257Th 2:20pm- 3:15pmPhysicsP113Liu, Yuan
R1081258W 9:35am-10:30amEarth&Space181Beck, Yoav
R1181259W11:45am-12:40pmLgt Engr Lab154Robles-Llana, Daniel
R1281260F11:45am-12:40pmEarth&Space69Xu, Dezhen
R1388075M 5:20pm- 6:15pmS B Union231Chen, Xiaojun
ELC 381247MW 6:50pm- 8:10pmPhysicsP113Friedman, Joshua
LEC 595757MWF 9:35am-10:30amEarth&Space1Hakobyan, Hrant
R1595758W 8:30am- 9:25amS B Union226Roberts, Amy
R1695759Th 2:20pm- 3:15pmPhysicsP117Hitron, Ariel Brett
R1795760M 5:20pm- 6:15pmPhysicsP130An, Daniel
R1995762M11:45am-12:40pmPhysicsP127Xu, Dezhen
R2095763Tu 9:50am-10:45amPhysicsP125Hu, Wenchuan
grader     Li, Yinghua

MAT 126 Calculus B
Note: Evening Exams: 8:30 p.m. 9/27, 11/9. Proficiency exam given either in SINC sites or at 8:30 p.m. on Wed., 9/1 and Thurs., 9/2. Recitations R01-R04 Register in LEC 01
Final Exam: Wed. Dec 15, 11-1:30pm
LEC 181261TuTh 8:20am- 9:40amEngineering143Unal, Ibrahim
R0181264F 9:35am-10:30amPhysicsP130Ge, Jun
R0281265M 9:35am-10:30amPhysicsP127Ge, Jun
R0381266W 2:20pm- 3:15pmEarth&Space181Shu, Yu-Jen
R0481267Th 3:50pm- 4:45pmPhysicsP118Savelyev, Yakov
LEC 281262MW 3:50pm- 5:10pmEngineering143Takhtajan, Leon
R0581268W 9:35am-10:30amPhysicsP130Zhao, Haiyan
R0681269M11:45am-12:40pmEarth&Space69Shu, Yu-Jen
R0781270Th 9:50am-10:45amS B Union231Savelyev, Yakov
R0881271Tu 3:50pm- 4:45pmPhysicsP116Li, Tao
ELC 381263TuTh 6:50pm- 8:10pmHarriman Hll112Radelescu, Anca
grader     Zhao, Haiyan

MAT 127 Calculus C
Note: Evening Exams: 8:30 p.m. 9/27, 11/9. Proficiency exam given either in SINC sites or at 8:30 p.m. on Wed., 9/1 and Thurs., 9/2.
Final Exam: Wed. Dec 15, 11-1:30pm
LEC 181272MWF 9:35am-10:30amHarriman Hll112Shi, Guan-Yu
LEC 281273TuTh12:50pm- 2:10pmHarriman Hll116Jones, Lowell
grader     Nam, Young Woo

MAT 131 Calculus I
Evening Exams: 8:30 p.m. 9/28, 11/8. Proficiency exam given in SINC sites at 8:30 p.m. on Wed., 9/1 . Section 13 is for Learning Community Students. Not for credit in addition to MAT 125 or 141 or AMS 151. Recitations R01-R04 Register in LEC 01
Final Exam: Wed. Dec 15, 11-1:30pm
LEC 181274MWF 9:35am-10:30amEngineering145Casalaina-Martin, Sebastian
R0181282TuTh12:50pm- 1:45pmPhysicsP117Song, Ki
R0281283MW 2:20pm- 3:15pmEarth&Space79Graziano, Vincent
R0381284TuTh 8:20am- 9:15amPhysicsP116Hao, Ning
R0481285WF11:45am-12:40pmEarth&Space183Dutta, Anirban
LEC 281275MW 5:20pm- 6:40pmEngineering143Kumpel, Paul; Gurel, Basak
R0681287MW10:40am-11:35amPhysicsP130Dutta, Anirban
R0782712TuTh 6:50pm- 7:45pmPhysicsP112Chance, Michael James
R0882713MW 3:50pm- 4:45pmEarth&Space181Chen, Xiaojun
R0981288TuTh 5:20pm- 6:15pmEarth&Space183Chance, Michael James
LEC 381276TuTh 9:50am-11:10amOld Chem116Gurel, Basak
R1081289WF 9:35am-10:30amLgt Engr Lab154Javaheri, Mohammad
R1181290TuTh 3:50pm- 4:45pmEarth&Space181Song, Ki
R1281291TuTh 8:20am- 9:15amS B Union231Zeng, Huayi
R1381292MF12:50pm- 1:45pmPhysicsP130Javaheri, Mohammad

MAT 132 Calculus II
Note: Evening Exams: 8:30 p.m. 9/28, 11/8. Proficiency exam given either in SINC sites or at 8:30 p.m. on Wed., 9/1 and Thurs., 9/2.
Final Exam: Wed. Dec 15, 11-1:30pm
LEC 181296MW 3:50pm- 5:10pmEarth&Space1Phillips, Anthony
R0181298TuTh 8:20am- 9:15amPhysicsP122Lopez, Luis
R0281299TuTh 9:50am-10:45amPsychology A137Lopez, Luis
R0381300MW11:45am-12:40pmOld Chem138Graziano, Vincent
R0481301TuTh 2:20pm- 3:15pmChemistry128Li, Tao
R0581302TuTh 3:50pm- 4:45pmS B Union226Ostrovsky, Stanislav
R0681303TuTh 5:20pm- 6:15pmS B Union226Ostrovsky, Stanislav
R0781304MW 6:50pm- 7:45pmChemistry124Li, Li
ELC 281297TuTh 6:50pm- 8:10pmPhysicsP116Phillips, Anthony
grader     Cheraghi, Davoud

MAT 141 Honors Calculus I
Note: Not for credit in addition to MAT 125 or 131 or AMS 151.
Final Exam: Tues. Dec 14, 11-1:30pm
LEC 181305MF12:50pm- 2:10pmEarth&Space131Kudzin, Matthew
R0181306TuTh11:20am-12:15pmSocbehav SciS218Lundberg, Karyn
R0281307WF 9:35am-10:30amJavits Lectr108Gauthier, Renaud

MAT 142 Honors Calculus II Final Exam: Tues. Dec 14, 11-1:30pm
LEC 181308MF12:50pm- 2:10pmPhysicsP112Jenquin, Jerome
R0181309TuTh11:20am-12:15pmEarth&Space177Stimpson, Andrew Jay
R0281310WF 9:35am-10:30amPhysicsP122Stimpson, Andrew Jay

MAT 200 Logic, Language and Proof Final Exam: Tues. Dec 14, 11-1:30pm
LEC 181312TuTh11:20am-12:40pmPhysicsP127Kirillov, Alexander
grader/TA     An, Daniel

MAT 203 Calculus III with Applications
Note: Not for credit in addition to AMS 261 or MAT 205. Recitations R01-R02 Register in LEC 01
Final Exam: Fri, Dec 17, 11-1:30pm and Thurs. Dec 16, 5-7:30pm
LEC 181313MF12:50pm- 2:10pmPhysicsP113Kalafat, Mustafa
R0181314W10:40am-11:35amEarth&Space183Han, Zhigang
R0281315Tu11:20am-12:15pmPhysicsP117Han, Zhigang
LEC 288157TuTh 5:20pm- 6:40pmHarriman Hll116Michelsohn, Marie-Louise
R0388158W 5:20pm- 6:15pmS B Union231Waddington, Travis Paxton
R0489430M 5:20pm- 6:15pmSocbehav SciN115Waddington, Travis Paxton

MAT 205 Calculus III
Note: Not for credit in addition to MAT 203 or AMS 261.
Final Exam: Mon. Dec 13, 2-4:30pm
LEC 181316MWF11:45am-12:40pmHarriman Hll116Barcus, William
R0181317M12:50pm- 1:45pmPhysicsP128Barcus, William; Li,

MAT 211 Introduction to Linear Algebra
Note: Not for credit in addition to AMS 210
Final Exam: Wed. Dec 15, 8-10:30pm and Thurs. Dec 16, 2-4:30pm
LEC 181318MWF 9:35am-10:30amEngineering143VanCoevering, Craig; Michelsohn, Marie-Louise
LEC 281319TuTh 3:50pm- 5:10pmHarriman Hll112Michelsohn, Marie-Louise
grader     Khevelev, Leah

MAT 260 Problem Solving in Mathematics
LEC 194835Th 9:50am-10:45amPhysicsP125Sawon, Justin

MAT 303 Calculus IV with Applications
Note: Not for credit in addition to MAT 305 or AMS 361
Final Exam: Mon. Dec 13,2-4:30pm
LEC 181320MWF11:45am-12:40pmPhysicsP113Kumpel, Paul
R0181321Tu 9:50am-10:45amEarth&Space69Dutta, Satyaki
R0295454Th 2:20pm- 3:15pmPhysicsP129Dutta, Satyaki

MAT 310 Linear Algebra Final Exam: Wed. Dec.15, 8-10:30am
LEC 181324MWF 9:35am-10:30amLgt Engr Lab152Kiritchenko, Valentina
LEC 295836MWF 9:35am-10:30amMathematicsP131Gromoll, Detlef
grader     Zhu, Fan

MAT 312 Applied Algebra
Note: Crosslisted with AMS 351.01
Final Exam: Tues, Dec 14, 11-1:30pm
LEC 183476TuTh11:20am-12:40pmHvy Engr Lab201Popescu, Sorin
R0188080Tu12:50pm- 1:45pmSocbehav SciN310Teh, Jyh-Haur
R0288081W11:45am-12:40pmLife Science30Teh, Jyh-Haur

MAT 313 Abstract Algebra Final Exam: Fri, Dec 17, 8-10:30am
LEC 181325MWF10:40am-11:35amPhysicsP127Hill, C. Denson
grader     Zeng,Huayi

MAT 319 Foundations of Analysis Final Exam: Tues. Dec 14, 5-7:30pm
LEC 183786TuTh 2:20pm- 3:40pmHarriman Hll112McDuff, Dusa
R0183783MW11:45am-12:40pmHarriman Hll104Prince, Tanvir
grader/TA     Gauthier, Renaud

MAT 320 Introduction to Analysis Final Exam: Tues. Dec 14, 5-7:30pm
LEC 181327TuTh 2:20pm- 3:40pmEarth&Space183Ebin, David
R0181328MW11:45am-12:40pmLibraryN4072Prince, Tanvir

MAT 324 Real Analysis Final Exam: Tues. Dec 14, 5-7:30pm
LEC 181329TuTh 2:20pm- 3:40pmSocbehav SciN117Saric, Dragomir

MAT 331 Computer-Assist Math Prob Solv
LEC 181330TuTh12:50pm- 2:10pmMathematicsS235Chas, Moira

MAT 336 History of Mathematics
LEC 194834MW 2:20pm- 3:40pmMathematics4130Stewart, Hugh Bruce

MAT 341 Applied Real Analysis Final Exam: Thurs. Dec 16, 8-10:30pm
LEC 181331TuTh 9:50am-11:10amLgt Engr Lab154Lilov, Krastio
grader     Cheraghi, Davoud

MAT 371 Logic
Note: Crosslisted with CSE 371. P/NC grading option not available.
LEC 183477MW 3:50pm- 5:10pmJavits Lectr109Wasilewska, Anita

MAT 373 Analysis of Algorithms
Note: Crosslisted with CSE 373 and AMS 373. Students satisfying the prerequisites by transfer will be expected to provide proof of prerequisites by the start of the semester.
Final Exam: Tues. Dec 14, 5-7:30pm
LEC 181333TuTh 2:20pm- 3:40pmLgt Engr Lab102Skiena, Steven

MAT 401 Seminar in Mathematics - #HAUSDORFF DIMENS & FRACTALS
topic: Hausdorff Dimension and Fractals
Final Exam: Tues.Dec 14, 11-1:30pm
S0181334TuTh11:20am-12:40pmOld Chem134Bishop, Christopher

MAT 475 Undergrad Teaching Practicum
Note: S/U grading only.
T0181335    Barcus, William
T0288165    Maskit, Bernard

MAT 487 Indep Study in Special Topics

MAT 495 Honors Thesis

Graduate Courses

MAT 511 Fundamental Concepts of Math Final Exam: Wed. Dec 15, 8-10:30pm
LEC 181337W 6:50pm- 9:40pmPhysicsP122Stewart, Hugh Bruce
grader     Lundberg, Karyn

MAT 519 Sem in Mathematics Teaching
LEC 195314M 6:50pm- 9:50pmPhysicsP117Bernhard, William

MAT 530 Topology, Geometry I Final Exam: Mon.Dec 13, 2-4:30pm
LEC 181339MWF11:45am-12:40pmMathematicsP131Timorin, Vladlen
grader     Yau, Kwan Kiu

MAT 534 Algebra I Final Exam: Thurs.Dec 16, 8-10:30am
LEC 181340TuTh 9:50am-11:10amOld Chem134Jones, Lowell
grader     Yang, Jihyeon

MAT 536 Algebra III
Prerequisite: MAT 535
Final Exam: Thurs.Dec 16, 8-10:30am
LEC 181341TuTh 9:50am-11:10amMathematicsP131Popescu, Sorin

MAT 539 Algebraic Topology Final Exam: Fri, Dec 17, 11-1:30pm
LEC 195837MF12:50pm- 2:10pmMathematicsP131Sullivan, Dennis

MAT 543 Complex Analysis II
LEC 181342MWF11:45am-12:40pmPhysicsP128Hill, C. Denson

MAT 544 Real Analysis I Final Exam: Fri. Dec 17, 8-10:30am
LEC 181343MWF10:40am-11:35amMathematicsP131Geller, Daryl
grader     Yang, Jihyeon

MAT 551 Real Analysis III Final Exam: Mon. Dec 13, 2-4:30pm
LEC 181344MWF11:45am-12:40pmMathematicsP131Geller, Daryl

MAT 552 Intro to Lie Groups and Algebr
Prerequisites: MAT 531, MAT 534
Final Exam: Thurs.Dec 16, 11-1:30pm
LEC 181345TuTh12:50pm- 2:10pmLife Science58Kirillov, Alexander

MAT 566 Differential Topology
Prerequisite: MAT 531
Final Exam: Tues. Dec 14, 11-1:30pm
LEC 181346TuTh11:20am-12:40pmMathematicsP131Gurel, Basak

MAT 568 Differential Geometry
Prerequisite: MAT 531
Final Exam: Wed. Dec 15, 2-4:30pm
LEC 181347MW 2:20pm- 3:40pmPhysicsP130Anderson, Michael

MAT 590 Problem Seminar
Note: S/U grading only.
LEC 181348MW10:40am-12:30pmMathematicsP131Sawon, Justin

MAT 598 Teaching Practicum Final Exam: Wed. Dec15, 5-7:30pm
LEC 181349MW 3:50pm- 5:10pmPhysicsP125Maskit, Bernard

MAT 599 M.A. Research
Note: S/U grading only.

MAT 614 Topics in Algebraic Geometry
LEC 183465TuTh 9:50am-11:10amEarth&Space177Craw, Alastair

MAT 644 Top in Differential Geometry
LEC 181352TuTh11:20am-12:40pmLife Science54Lawson, H Blaine

MAT 648 Topics in Mathematical Physics
LEC 181353MWF10:40am-11:35amPhysicsP116Takhtajan, Leon

MAT 666 Top in Algebraic Topology
LEC 183467TuTh12:50pm- 2:10pmPhysicsP127De Cataldo, Mark

MAT 696 Mathematics Seminar
S0181356  MathematicsP131 

MAT 697 Mathematics Colloquium
S0183469Th 4:00pm- 5:30pmMathematicsP131 

MAT 698 Independent Study

MAT 699 Dissertation Resrch on Campus

MAT 700 Dissertation off Campus Domest

MAT 701 Dissertation off Campus Intern