Stony Brook MathCamp 2022

July 18-22

Each day from 9-5, there will be a session running for the classes, which will remain active when classes are not in session. Think of this as the "classroom" where the classes will take place, but also where you can talk to other students or instructors between/before/after classes. The link to the session is

Mathcamp 2022 classroom

If you like this MathCamp, you might be interested in the Della Pietra High School Applied Math Program, on several Saturdays in the Fall and Spring.


Zoom recording  passcode: T1H?$OQV 
9:30-10:45 Lisa Marquand Cryptography I Here is some material for the class. Make a copy in a way that you can mark it up (printed or electronically).
Here are the notes from today.
11:15-12:30 Randall Kayser Platonic Solids
1:45- 3:00 Lauren Dawnkaski Introduction to Graph Theory It will be useful to have a copy of the figures for the class in a format you can mark up.
3:30- 4:45 Tom Sexton Finite Difference Equations Here are power-point slides about modeling the the spread of an epidemic and an associated Excel spreadsheet.
Today we will have some KenKen puzzles. Here are several for you to try:
KenKen #1ab, KenKen #2ab, KenKen #3ab, KenKen #4ab, KenKen #5ab, KenKen #6ab, or you can play online.


Zoom recordings part 1  passcode1: @K7Ve#6!  and also part 2 passcode2: =t6fP=#a 
9:30-10:45 Shamuel Auyeung Complex Numbers
11:15-12:30 Dylan Galt Elliptic Curves I
1:45- 3:00 Herb Lewis Linear Programming Several powerpoints: Simplex Method, Graphical Method for Maximization, Graphical Method for Minimization, and Special Cases and Sensitivity Analysis. Also, here is a maximization problem and an associated spreadsheet.
3:30- 4:45 Will Lim Fractals I Here is some material for the class.
Since you are all now crypto-experts, here are some Ciphers (also known as "crypto-quotes"):
Cipher #1, Cipher #2, Cipher #3, Cipher #4, Cipher #5, or you can generate one online.


Zoom recording  passcode: G*%jpw5t 
9:30-10:45 Lisa Marquand Cryptography II
11:15-12:30 Will Lim Fractals II
1:45- 3:00 Randall Kayser Geometry of Complex Numbers
3:30- 4:45 Christine Pitocco Forecasting Here are the PowerPoint slides for this class.
Today we have Suko.
Here are some for you to try: Suko #1, Suko #2, Suko #3, Suko #4, Suko #5, Suko #6, Suko #7, Suko #8, Suko #9, Suko #10 or you can play online.


Zoom recording  passcode: C3Bbhq?2 
9:30-10:45 Shamuel Auyeung Hamiltonian and Eulerian Graphs and Error Correction
11:15-12:30 Dylan Galt Elliptic Curves II
1:45- 3:00 Vinicius Canto-Costa Introduction to Knot Theory The following Numberphile videos are quite relevant: What is a Knot? and Prime Knots. (or see the following playlist with more.)
3:30- 4:45 Spencer Cattalani Topology It will be helpful to have paper, scissors, and tape available.
Also, these two Numberphile videos (Unexpected Shapes, part 1 and part 2) are relevant.
Finally, we have Two Not Touch (aka "StarBattle").
TwoNotTouch #1+2, TwoNotTouch #3+4, TwoNotTouch #5+6, TwoNotTouch #7+8, TwoNotTouch #9+10, TwoNotTouch #11+12, or you can play online.


Zoom recording  passcode: Vq3.q2#C 
9:30-10:45 Thomas Graf Computational Linguistics See the slides for the class.
11:15-12:30 Spencer Cattalani Geometry
As a parting gift, here are some Kakuro puzzles (aka Cross-sums):
Kakuro #1, Kakuro #2, Kakuro #3, Kakuro #4, Kakuro #5, Kakuro #6, Kakuro #7, Kakuro #8, or, of course, you can do them online.