North-American Workshop in Holomorphic Dynamics

May 27-June 4, 2016      Cancún, México

Celebrating John Milnor's 85th birthday


Schedule and Location

The workshop will be held at the Fiesta Americana Condesa hotel in Cancún, México, between May 27 and June 4, 2016.

The first two days (May 28 and 29) will consist of minicourses on the topics of Teichmüller theory, foliations, Thurston's classification of rational maps, and quasi-conformal surgery. The minicourses will be followed by a five-day conference presenting current research (May 30-June 3).

Here is the schedule of the talks and minicourses, which is also available in PDF format including titles and abstracts.

Slides and videos for the talks are available.

More than 110 participants registered for the workshop.

Invited speakers

Eric Bedford, Stony Brook University
Gamaliel Blé, Universidad Juárez Autónoma de Tabasco
Xavier Buff, Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse
Carlos Cabrera, Instituto de Matemáticas UNAM, Unidad Cuernavaca
Adam Epstein, Warwick University
Núria Fagella, Universitat de Barcelona
Xavier Gómez-Mont, Centro de Investigación en Matemáticas
John Hubbard, Cornell University
Jan Kiwi, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Sarah Koch, University of Michigan
Luna Lomonaco, Universidade de São Paulo
Misha Lyubich, Stony Brook University
Curt McMullen, Harvard University
John Milnor, Stony Brook University
Rodrigo Pérez, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Pascale Roesch, Centre de Mathématiques et Informatique in Marseille
Mitsuhiro Shishikura, Kyoto University
Nikita Selinger, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Alberto Verjovsky, Instituto de Matemáticas UNAM, Unidad Cuernavaca
Michael Yampolsky, University of Toronto
Saeed Zakeri, Queens College/Graduate Center CUNY

Poster Session

There will be a poster session during the workshop. Participants interested in presenting a poster should send an email to jackfest at math.stonybrook.edu indicating the title of their poster by May 15. While we hope to be able to present posters of all interested participants, space may be a limiting factor.

Conference Poster

The poster for the conference is currently available in US Letter format.

Support and Organizing Committee

Support for this workshop is being provided by the Stony Brook Institute for Mathematical Sciences, the Simons Foundation, the Instituto de Matemáticas - UNAM, the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences, and the University of Rhode Island.

The organizing committee consists of Araceli Bonifant (University of Rhode Island), Carlos Cabrera (IMATE-UNAM, Cuernavaca), José Seade (IMATE-UNAM, Mexico City), and Scott Sutherland (Stony Brook University).
To contact us, please send an email to jackfest at math.stonybrook.edu.


Here are the JackFest pages from 2011(Banff), 2006(Toronto), and 2001(Stony Brook).