Geometric and Algebraic Structures in Mathematics

A Conference to celebrate Dennis Sullivan’s 70th birthday

May 26–June 4, 2011


Stony Brook University

The Conference will cover various areas of Dennis Sullivan’s interests, and will be structured as a series of coherent mini-programs centered around a set of mini-courses. Abstracts may be found here.

Videos of Lectures

Video recordings of all the lectures may be found here.


  • Diffeomorphism groups from a homotopical viewpoint (Ib Madsen, University of Copenhagen)
  • QFT and string theory (Kevin Costello, Northwestern University)
  • Rational homotopy theory (John Morgan, Simons Center for Geometry and Physics)
  • Fluid Dynamics (Alexander Shnirelman, Concordia University)
  • Rough Geometry (Bruce Kleiner, Courant Institute)
  • Renormalization (Artur Avila, CNRS and IMPA, and Misha Lyubich, IMS)
  • Sullivan's Dictionary (Dick Canary, University of Michigan)
(Find abstracts for minicourses here.)


  • Mohammed Abouzaid, Clay Mathematics Institute/MIT
  • Claude Bardos, University of Paris
  • Mario Bonk, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Ken Bromberg, University of Utah
  • Moira Chas, Stony Brook University
  • Jeff Cheeger, Courant Institute
  • Ralph Cohen, Stanford University
  • Kenji Fukaya, Kyoto University
  • David Gabai, Princeton University
  • Steve Halperin, University of Maryland
  • Peter Jones, Yale University
  • Jeremy Kahn, Stony Brook University
  • Boris Khesin, University of Toronto
  • Curtis McMullen, Harvard University
  • Yair Minsky, Yale University
  • Gerard Misiolek, University of Notre Dame
  • Stephen Preston, University of Colorado
  • Graeme Segal, Oxford University
  • Mitsuhiro Shishikura, Kyoto University
  • James Simons, Stony Brook University
  • Stanislav Smirnov, University of Geneva and St. Petersburg State University
  • Jim Stasheff, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Michael Yampolsky, University of Toronto
(Find abstracts for lectures here.)

Evening sessions:

Friday, May 27:
  • Leonid Chekhov, Steklov Mathematical Institute
  • Charles Tresser, IBM
Monday, May 30: "Sullivan's Circle"
  • Xiaojun Chen, University of Michigan
  • Somnath Basu, Stony Brook University
  • Michael Sullivan, University of Massachusetts
  • Scott Wilson, Queens College, CUNY
Thursday, June 2:
  • Qian Yin, University of Michigan
  • Daniel Smania, ICMC-USP
  • Mike Shub, CONICET, IMAS, Universidad de Buenos Aires and CUNY Graduate School
(Find abstracts for evening sessions here.)


The conference will have seven full days of lectures and three half days.
In addition, there will be three evening sessions.

See this page for the schedule of the conference,or here for a printable list (with abstracts and titles).


The conference banquet will be held on Tuesday, May 31, starting at 6:30.
It will take place at Lombardi's on the Sound,
located in the Port Jefferson Country Club at Harbor Hills.

The cost of the banquet is $40 for faculty, $25 for postdocs, and $15 for students.

Please indicate on the registration form if you would like to attend the banquet.


A conference poster is now available for download here.
(Thanks to Tony Phillips for producing the poster.)
Feel free to print and distribute it as desired.


If you are interested in attending the conference, please register.

Here is the list of registered participants as of .


See this page for information about hotels.
Shuttles transportation will be provided from Danfords and the Holiday Inn Express.


To contact us, please send an email to dennisfest at

Scientific Committee: John Milnor, Curt McMullen, Jim Stasheff, and all mini-course speakers.

Local organizers: Araceli Bonifant, Joshua Bowman, Misha Lyubich, Scott Sutherland

Financial support for this conference has been generously provided by the Simons Foundation and the NSF.

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