Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Preprint ims98-4

S. Zakeri
On Dynamics of Cubic Siegel Polynomials

Abstract: Motivated by the work of Douady, Ghys, Herman and Shishikura on Siegel quadratic polynomials, we study the one-dimensional slice of the cubic polynomials which have a fixed Siegel disk of rotation number $\theta$, with $\theta$ being a given irrational number of Brjuno type. Our main goal is to prove that when $\theta$ is of bounded type, the boundary of the Siegel disk is a quasicircle which contains one or both critical points of the cubic polynomial. We also prove that the locus of all cubics with both critical points on the boundary of their Siegel disk is a Jordan curve, which is in some sense parametrized by the angle between the two critical points. A main tool in the bounded type case is a related space of degree 5 Blaschke products which serve as models for our cubics. Along the way, we prove several results about the connectedness locus of these cubic polynomials.
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