Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Preprint ims92-7

B. Bielefeld and M. Lyubich(editors)
Problems in Holomorphic Dynamics

Contents: This preprint will be published by Springer-Verlag as a chapter of Linear and Complex Analysis Problem Book (eds. V.P. Havin and N.K. Nikolskii).

Quasiconformal Surgery and Deformations

  • Ben Bielefeld: Questions in Quasiconformal Surgery
  • Curt McMullen: Rational maps and Teichmuller space
  • John Milnor: Thurston's algorithm without critical finiteness
  • Mary Rees: A Possible Approach to a Complex Renormalization Problem
  • Geometry of Julia Sets

  • Lennart Carleson: Geometry of Julia sets.
  • John Milnor: Problems on local connectivity.
  • Measurable Dynamics

  • Mikhail Lyubich: Measure and Dimension of Julia Sets
  • Feliks Przytycki: On Invariant Measures for Iterations of Holomorphic Maps
  • Iterates of Entire Functions

  • Robert Devaney: Open Questions in Non-Rational Complex Dynamics
  • A. Eremenko and M. Lyubich: Wandering Domains for Holomorphic Maps
  • Newton's Method

  • Scott Sutherland: Bad Polynomials for Newton's Method

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