Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Preprint ims91-9

E. Cawley
The Teichmuller Space of an Anosov Diffeomorphism of $T^2$.

Abstract: In this paper we consider the space of smooth conjugacy classes of an Anosov diffeomorphism of the two-torus. The only 2-manifold that supports an Anosov diffeomorphism is the 2-torus, and Franks and Manning showed that every such diffeomorphism is topologically conjugate to a linear example, and furthermore, the eigenvalues at periodic points are a complete smooth invariant. The question arises: what sets of eigenvalues occur as the Anosov diffeomorphism ranges over a topological conjugacy class? This question can be reformulated: what pairs of cohomology classes (one determined by the expanding eigenvalues, and one by the contracting eigenvalues) occur as the diffeomorphism ranges over a topological conjugacy class? The purpose of this paper is to answer this question: all pairs of H\"{o}lder reduced cohomology classes occur.
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