Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Preprint ims91-15

M. Lyubich & J. Milnor
The Fibonacci Unimodal Map.

Abstract: This paper will study topological, geometrical and measure-theoretical properties of the real Fibonacci map. Our goal was to figure out if this type of recurrence really gives any pathological examples and to compare it with the infinitely renormalizable patterns of recurrence studied by Sullivan. It turns out that the situation can be understood completely and is of quite regular nature. In particular, any Fibonacci map (with negative Schwarzian and non-degenerate critical point) has an absolutely continuous invariant measure (so, we deal with a ``regular'' type of chaotic dynamics). It turns out also that geometrical properties of the closure of the critical orbit are quite different from those of the Feigenbaum map: its Hausdorff dimension is equal to zero and its geometry is not rigid but depends on one parameter.
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