Around Dynamics

A conference to celebrate Jack Milnor's 70th birthday

March 9-11, 2001
Stony Brook, New York

Take a look at some pictures from the conference.

  1. Dennis Sullivan(Stony Brook University and CUNY)
    String topology and dynamics

  2. M. Shishikura(University of Hiroshima)
    Monotonicity in the quadratic-like families and parabolic fixed points

  3. N. Makarov(Caltech)
    Dynamics of Loewner's equation

  4. E. Ghys(ENS de Lyon)
    Some examples of differential equations in the complex domain

  5. J. C. Yoccoz(College de France)
    Henon-like attractors in population dynamics?

  6. A. Verjovsky(UNAM)
    A smooth foliation of the sphere S5 by complex surfaces

  7. S. Zakeri(UPenn)
    Trans-quasiconformal surgery and Siegel disks

  8. J. Smillie(Cornell)
    Dynamical complexity in the Henon family

  9. M. Gromov(IHES & Courant)
    What is dynamics?

  10. A. Douady(Paris/Orsay)
    Baby Mandelbrot sets are born in cauliflowers

  11. J. Kiwi(PUC/Chile)
    Quadratic Julia sets and cubic polynomials

  12. Ya. Eliashberg(Stanford)
    iGeometry and dynamics of contact transformations