Songs and calls of some New York State birds


All files are now mp3 fies.
Images are adapted from drawings by Chester A. Reed, B. S. in Chapman.

Scarlet Tanager
Piranga olivacea

New Paltz, June 1997.
"..Robin-like but hoarse (suggesting a Robin with a sore throat)." (Peterson)
"..a double-tone which can only be imitated by strongly humming and whistling at the same time." (Mathews)
Chip, ... , Chip-burr
Northfield, Connecticut, May 1999

Sonograms and sound files.

Frequency displayed linearly, range = 0-11050Hz.
Chip-burrs and start of song; guest appearances by warblers.

Frequency displayed linearly, range = 0-11050Hz.
Long Island, April 2004

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