Songs and calls of some New York State birds


All sound files are now in mp3 format.
Images are adapted from drawings by Chester A. Reed, B. S. in Chapman.

Vesper Sparrow
Pooecetes gramineus
Long Island, May 1996.

White Throated Sparrow
Zonotrychia albicollis
Long Island, April 1997.
Artnote: Compare the theme of the opening chorus in Judas Maccabeus:

(Inverted song)
Long Island, April 1997.
Hear about the Bi-lingual Sparrow in Central Park in Bradley Klein's NPR report (broadcast April 9, 2001).

Field Sparrow
Spizella pusilla
New Paltz, July 1996.
(Ascending song)
Long Island, May 2000.

Chipping Sparrow
Spizella passerina
Albany, April 1998.

Slate-colored Junco
Junco hyemalis
"A simple, twittering trill." (Chapman)
A sharp, kissing note
Ithaca, May 2002.

Swamp Sparrow
Melospiza georgiana
Ithaca, May 1999.
"A loose trill, similar to Chipping Sparrow's but slower, sweeter and stronger ..." (Peterson)

Song Sparrow
Melospiza melodia
These two sing from neighboring trees:
Sparrow A
Sparrow B
Long Island, June 1996.

Here are four songs (about 60 kB each) from the repertoire of one sparrow.
He sings each six or seven times before passing to the next.





Long Island, June 1996.

Song Sparrow Sonogram and Slow-Motion

Frequency displayed linearly, range 0-11050 Hz. Color (yellow < red < blue) shows intensity.
Normal Speed
Half Speed
Long Island, April 2004.

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